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• Your twitch name is added to the supporters list and you get a supporter badge on the forum.
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• Unlock the option to change Vivbot's name.

• Participate in polls that suggest Vivbot's development priorities.

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• Get a global command named after you with a custom text response. Global commands work in every stream that uses Vivbot.




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About Vivec28

What is Vivbot? 

Vivbot is a project I started just to mess around. But as I added features, some friends asked me to make it into more of a permanent thing. Me being a customization freak has naturally led my creation to be extremely customizable.

Unfortunately life got more in the way, and it became harder to spend time working on Vivbot. However,

Thanks to the financial support from you, the patrons, I can spend more time doing something I enjoy.


Once you become a patron, the rewards will be immediately available to you by connecting your Patreon account to Vivbot.

As a thanks to people who have supported me, you can permanently unlock the following:
• $10 Lifetime support - Permanently unlock name change.
• $20 Lifetime support - Permanently unlock global command.

Rewards will be limited to cosmetics and gimmicks. I will never impose artificial limits for the sole purpose of charging people to remove them.
$20 of $500 per month
I rent a dedicated server to host Vivbot.

The move will increase stability (no more power/internet outages), improve performance and allow some more demanding features!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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