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Hi everyone, 

I am a Holistic Tarot Consultant, Tarot Teacher and Author of a Multi-Million View Online Tarot Resource, In 2012 I launched the Blog/Site, with a view to passing on my accumulated knowledge of tarot to those who wished to pursue a career as a Professional Holistic Tarot Reader. (scroll down to reading details of course)

Everything I have written to date for my Web/Blog has been published free of charge for the internet-viewing public.

It had all started out as a Blog but quickly began to expand into a full blown Website with multiple menus and sections. I allowed  to go live from day one as I created content and found my way around the WordPress dashboard. I hadn't the patience to wait until it was a finished work. I believed I could fly under the radar with no one noticing my presence as I got to grips with web-building and content creation. While beavering away on my keyboard from a tiny backroom in my house, sometimes wrapped up in jumpers and scarves to keep warm, I was oblivious to the visitors who were dropping by to read my content. I was only finding my way around WordPress at that stage and had put the STATS Page on the 'it can wait till later' list as the writing was taking up all my time. When I eventually came up for air and decided to go check it out, I nearly fell out of my standing upon discovering I was not alone. My STATS told me I had visitors from all over the world! I couldn't believe it. I remember the excitement when I hit my first 1,000 views and telling my partner I had just gone global! That was only the start of it. I had no idea how far it would go. 

It is now November 2016 and has crossed the 7 million threshold and is exuberantly heading towards its next million. attracts visitors from over 200 countries with an average of 8,000 views per day.  Everything I have written for has been published free of charge for the internet viewing public. I would like to Keep It Free, and this is where you as a Patron can help me in my quest. 

Paying Per Creation

Because the nature of my content is so complex and comprehensive, I aim to publish new work approximately every 4/6 weeks. Written content can sometimes equal 40 to 50 Word Pages. When you pledge money it supports me in devoting more time to creating new content. Each time I publish New Content (large content, not short blogs) I receive the amount you have pledged. However, this is not a permanent pledge as you can withdraw your support any time you like. 

Why Do I need Your Support?

I love writing and creating new content but it takes up all my time, and then some. My site has grown so large and still has a lot more work to follow.  I am a one-woman-show and at times I feel like I am running a large department store single-handedly.  I have not asked for any payment on my site so far as I know many of my viewers and students would not be in a position to do so. On my side I have normal everyday living expenses to meet and I now need to justify the amount of time and energy it takes to keep running with new content and site management. I have reached a stage where a decision has to be made regarding making a living out of my writing or going out to find paid employment elsewhere. So its a case of sticking with what I am doing or turning my attention in another direction. It is certain I cannot do both and I hate the thought of leaving a great work unfinished. 

Why Sponsor Me? 

Because I have a great track record of producing excellent content that millions of viewers want to read. My Site Stats alone are proof of my consistent performance (over 7 million since 2012). My site boasts First page Google Ranking for most tarot search terms, and that is without hiring someone to do it for me. My Google Ranking is purely the result of creating quality unique content and nothing else. I haven't the time or expertise to implement marketing strategies. I have plans for further development and expansion of my work, but limited financial resources aim to sabotage them. I would like to see this Tome of Tarot to the finish line.  

My Vision for Teach Me Tarot
  • New Quality Content every 4/6 weeks 
  • Finish Re-working the Court Cards and Major Arcana
  • Create Accompanying Video Tutorials
  • Create Downloadable PDF or E-book Versions.
  • Create Podcasts
  • Uprgrade My Website 
  • Move To Shared Hosting
  • Launch a Tarot Lab to assist Students in their studies
  • Offer Certification in Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Tarot Study
  • To See my work in print.

Some More About Me

I have been working with Tarot since 1996. An experienced Tarot Consultant, I have used Tarot as an invaluable guidance, counselling and self-empowerment tool. In 2006 after been approached to teach Tarot, I began to write a Tarot Course based on my then ten years of experience, both as a Student and Reader. I called it Truly Teach Me Tarot which more recently has been abbreviated to Teach Me Tarot. The aim in writing this course was to pass on all my accumulated knowledge of Tarot to those who were interested in becoming, like I had before them, an Apprentice to this Ancient Discipline. I went on to successfully teach this course, both in a class environment and on a one-to-one private basis. Many of my Students have gone on to become Professional Tarot Readers, some now even teaching Tarot themselves.

In 2012 after two years of severe health problems I was forced to withdrawn from certain aspects of my work. Frustrated with my situation, I turned to writing as a means to being productive. In a fit of madness, I decided to rewrite my complete tarot reading course and make it suitable for on-line study. Since then I have been painstakingly revisiting every Lesson and every Tarot Card, both Upright and Reversed, with the view to passing on as much information and detail to the Willing and Serious Tarot Student. To date, Teach Me Tarot contains over 300 pages and continues to develop and grow. My work has attracted over 7 million views since 2012 with a daily viewing audience of approximately 8,000 from over 200 countries. The course content is Free To View at present and hopefully I can keep it Free. Teach Me Tarot is a work in progress, a work I believe will never truly be complete for Tarot is forever changing and developing as the world and humans around it do.

Just like Pamela Colman-Smith left behind a wonderful legacy in the imagery of The Rider-Waite-Smith Cards, I too would like to add my own legacy by leaving a Tome of Tarot information that will long outlive me and my descendants to come. However, I do need to keep a roof over my head, and pay bills too. Poor Pamela went to her grave a pauper after all the incredible work she bequeathed the Tarot World.

Throughout my writing of Teach Me Tarot, I have endeavoured to bring Tarot to life by using my creative writing skills and adding a fictional romantic, and sometimes Gothic flavour to the interpretations. By diving into my imagination through novelistic storytelling of Gallant Knights, Damsels in Distress, Ruthless Villains, Femme Fatales, Seducers, Sorcerers and The Bold, Daring and Courageous, some Readers and Followers have fondly called me ‘The Florence Welch’ of Tarot Writing. I, a strong fan and admirer of Florence am absolutely thrilled with this comparison, and admit to how much of an influence Florence has been when I sit down to write. Another endless source of inspiration comes from my love of history where I am a devoted fan of novelist Philippa Gregory whose Tudor series is truly addictive.

About Teach Me Tarot

Teach Me Tarot is written in a style that appeals to all. I seek to demystify much of the more Esoteric Aspects of Tarot by writing in a language that is easy to understand. I try to relate Tarot to normal everyday living, and the personalities we are surrounded by on a daily basis. I approach the Cards from just about every aspect, which provides the student with a choice of several methods to adopt for their particular Style of Reading. No Card stands alone, and for the viewer or Student, the Journey through The Tarot might be compared to reading a novel. I work hard to build my characters and personalities, breathing life into them by placing them on stage, right into the middle of a drama. My audience can’t wait to find out what happens next as the Journey through The Tarot progresses and builds, with each Story or Suit reaching a dramatic climax or conclusion.

Teach Me Tarot is very different from any other Tarot Course available on-line or in book format. It is one of a kind. If you are looking to Truly embark on an Apprenticeship with The Tarot, develop your Reading Skills and assimilate a deep understanding of the nature of each card, you need look no further, for Teach Me Tarot has it all and a lot more besides.

A unique, in-depth, and comprehensive Three-Part Holistic Tarot Reading Course suitable for all levels of ability.

Part One introduces the student to the essential building blocks of Tarot, the Four Suits of The Minor Arcana, and the Elements that govern them. The History of Tarot, and its Tools of Trade are covered in-depth, along with the various disciplines required for interpretation. Detailed and extensive descriptions are provided for The Suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles; the 40 Cards of The Minor Arcana that play such an integral part in all Tarot Readings. Become familiar with their particular story-lines as the drama unfolds from Card Ace to Ten in each Suit. Get to grips with The Elements that govern each Suit; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, as they exert both positive and negative influences on the personalities involved.

In Part Two, The Four Royal Families of the Court Cards are closely studied along with their corresponding Astrological Signs. Meet the Stars of Tarot; The Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each Suit and begin to dissect their various personalities. Learn how to build profiles based on their archetypal characteristics and traits. Discover how they are controlled by their governing Element, and how their personalities can be adversely affected when in Reverse. Strengthen your understanding of The Court Families by linking the individual personalities to their relevant Sun Sign in Astrology.

Part Three concentrates on the powerful 22 Cards of The Major Arcana, explores their connection to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and takes an analytical look at the nature of Archetypes and Symbols. Join the idealistic and optimistic Fool as he sets out on the incredible journey of life in Card Zero. Travel with him through the hard lessons and karmic situations he must face on the path to self-realisation and personal fulfilment. Celebrate his achievement as he successfully completes his mission, in The World, Card 22. Learn about the deeply mystical Kabbalah and spiritual construction of The Tree of Life. Study its Ten Sephirot, and Twenty-Two Pathways, to discover how significantly they mirror The Journey of The Fool in Tarot. Observe how Archetypes and Archetypal Situations play an intrinsic role in achieving accurate interpretations.

Since my site launch in 2012, I have allowed Free Access to my work, with no charge and no subscriptions. I hope to keep it Free.

Patrons, can you help me keep writing? I have loads of plans for the development of Teach Me Tarot and really need your support if I am to realise them. At present there is just one of me; a one-woman creator, author, web developer, graphic designer, editor and administrator. 

$9 of $400 per creation
Hey I have arrived and ready to work hard towards my next goal. Why didn't I do this sooner? Thank you!
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