VJ4rawr2 is creating Fan Movie Trailers

Lindsay Lohan Level

$1 /mo
You're trying....  I guess.   I'm crossing my fingers for you!

No rewards but you get to feel warm and fuzzy.

Adam Sandler

$2 /mo
Getting better.  Barely...  At least you're not Lindsay right?

At this tier I'll send you a personal thank-you message.

Chris Hemsworth

$5 /mo
Now we're talking! You're big.  You're strong.  And you're amazing at carpentry.

At this tier you gain access to "deleted scenes" videos from all my trailers.  These are private videos, us...

Jennifer Lawrence

$10 /mo
You're down to earth.  You're quirky.  You're loved by men and women alike.  Plus you look amazing in blue body paint.

At this tier you get all the above, PLUS access to "work in progress"...

Chris Pratt

$20 /mo
You can kill a dinosaur with your bare hands.  You saved the galaxy (twice).  You were in one of the greatest TV Shows of all time.  You win.

At this level you get all the above PLUS your ...

Dwayne Johnson

$100 /mo
Wow, you're a super star!  You're king!  You're loved by everyone and a total bad ass.  Not gonna lie, everyone wishes they were you.

At this point you actually get to be IN a video.  Send...