Vlad Burbela is creating digital art, animations and video

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$1 /mo
Thank you!

You can mail me an idea, and i will consider to visualise it!


$5 /mo
Well now we can collaborate!
  • Acces to all 'work in progress' content trough all workflow.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Private Livestream

$10 /mo
Join me for a monthly livestream.
  • Monthly patron-only livestream
  • Process videos
  • When in need - get contacted with me for educational consultations and any questions, conc...

Name In The Credits

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As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible.
  • Credits on an upcoming video
  • Plus all previous rewards

Personal visualisation

$20 /mo
You will recieve a visualisation of your personality, as a rendered image, or animation. I'll animate your logo, or create a art/wallpaper, somehow related to you.

Plus all previous rewards

Commission patronage

$50 /mo
You can request a piece of art.