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Your first life, but Podi gave you the ability [Extra Chapter], allowing you to read one chapter of "The Many Lives of Cadence Lee" ahead of RoyalRoad!
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You've met Podi a couple of times now, and got a new Skill: [Multiple Extra Chapters].  This allows you to read up to three chapters ahead of RoyalRoad for "The Many Lives of Cadence Lee!"
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You know your way around the Incarnator System now and have learned a small part of its workings!  Because of that, you were able to get [Psychic Reading] from Podi and can read up to 10 chapters ahead in "The Many Lives of Cadence Lee!"
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About Vladerag

I am Vladerag, the creator and author of many a fictional story and other odd content that can be found around the internet.  These days I am mostly focused on my writing and hoping to live up to the expectations of my readers by releasing quality content on a regular schedule.

I turned to Patreon because as much as I love to write and love juggling multiple stories and scenarios, I don't really have the time to do that while working a regular full time job.  Since a lot of people, much more than I initially thought would, seem to like my writing this is a place they can support me and help that writing continue- while getting a few benefits and rewards for themselves.

It is a constant and greatly appreciated honor that anybody supports my work, whether by donating or by liking, sharing, or reviewing and I thank you all for your support and generosity.

With much gratitude,
$1,559.76 of $1,600 per month
$1600...  A big number...  A number that is the rough equivalent of a $10/hour full time job...

Living costs money, and writing requires me alive.  To support myself while writing full time I need to be able to pay for rent, car insurance, food, internet, and my crippling addiction to hot sauce.

If I can reach this goal, I can safely say I can write full time and keep up a 2-4 chapter a week release schedule for all of my stories while maintaining all of those things above except the hot sauce, which would require at least twice that.
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