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is creating Hyperlapse and Stop Motion videos and Tutorials
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About Vadim Tereshchenko

Hi! My name is Vadim Tereshchenko. I'm a videographer and use techniques called Hyperlapse and Stop Motion in my work. I've been doing for the past 6 years. 

My dream is to travel across the US and create beautiful content from every city I visit!

In order to repay to my patreons I will be creating and sharing tutorials about how to make hyperlapse videos and how to add cool effects to them. 

I will be screen recording the process of creating of all my posts on Instagram and you can access them for a price of 2 cups of coffee! By that you will support me in a big way!
I'm planning to make 2-4 at most posts per month.

Thank you very much for visiting! Hope you will find something interesting here.
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My dream is to travel across the US from city to city and just film film film! I don't need nothing fancy, I'm ready to stay in cheapest motels and to sleep in my car every other day! But there is still a lot of expences.. 
I would filmed every city I visit and make really cool videos and tutorials.
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