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About Yorhel

VNDB.org is a community-run database about visual novels - a genre of video games with a strong focus on storytelling. With VNDB's extensive tagging system you can easily discover new visual novels to play, you can find detailed information about each visual novel - complete with plot descriptions, authors, character information and more - and you can keep track of the visual novels you've played or want to play.

VNDB is committed to remain a fully open source website and even the database itself is available under an open license. We also have a sensible privacy policy.

About this Patreon

This Patreon is used to fund development time for VNDB. Development efforts will go into modernizing the website, adding new features and extending the database with more information. Each $400 per month ensures that I can dedicate at least one day per week to VNDB. This, of course, doesn't mean that I will only spend as much time on development as has been financed here. I try to use most of my available time, but, alas, I also have to make a living somehow, and that means spending time on other things than VNDB. With this funding I can make more free time for VNDB.

Note that this Patreon is not necessary for VNDB's continued existence. The hosting costs are still something I can afford (about €50/month) and just keeping the site online does not take most of my time. VNDB also has affiliate links as a second source of income and these cover about 1 day/week of work. This Patreon's goals will be adjusted over time to correct for changes in affiliate earnings or my living situation. (For those wondering: I'm more than happy with the cheap-ass lifestyle I currently have, but even tiny appartments are rather expensive nowadays...). Funds exceeding the goal will be donated to other relevant databases and open source software projects.

About the Rewards

If you use the same e-mail address for Patreon and your VNDB account then your account will be linked automatically. Otherwise, send me a private message through Patreon with your VNDB username or identifier and I'll link your account manually. This process (either automatic or manual) can take up to 24 hours.
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(Your actual username will still be visible on your profile. The exact visual display of these features is subject to change based on user feedback. The display name is limited to 15 unicode characters - which means you can't go full crazy with Zalgo. I'm sorry.)
$464.25 of $800 per month
At least 3 days/week dedicated to VNDB development.
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