Demo VD is creating Vocaloid Inspired Media

Rune I: I Love You

$1 /mo
A poll, asking what I could do better... I want as much criticism as possible!


$5 /mo

Get my Album FREE Upon Release* + A special foretelling of my next major video!

  • Plus all previous rewards

*Monthly will keep you in the running for my other albums too!

Rune III: Influence My Videos

$10 /mo
Asking what the Top 1 will be for the Top 10!
Asking which Vocaloid to work on According to Demo!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune IV: Discounts Ahoy!

$15 /mo
You want discounts on merchendise? This is your tier! You also get access to any raffles or giveaways that I do... Internationally!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune V: Your Name In Lights

$20 /mo
Your name at the end on my videos and posts on Vocaloidemo and Demo VD! 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune VI: Book Mention

$50 /mo
Your name at the end of my book before it is published! 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune VII: Early Release

$75 /mo
You get to see my major videos a whole day earlier than anyone else... pretty expensive right?
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune VIII: Free Merchendise

$90 /mo
You'll get anything I make/produce/write/and in the future get free merch... but I have none yet!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rune IX: Appreciation Video

$100 /mo
An appreciation video and post about your sexy self! What will it be? I don't even know!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Ultimate Rune

$249 /mo
You'll get access to all of my videos, free music by me, all future books when they come out, and a special MP3 dedicated to you on every Studio Album, plus more if you want- basically you're my ma...