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NOTE- make sure to read the Do's/Don'ts INFO GUIDE here on patreon under the featured tag " REQUIRED READING" before submitting a script.

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About Voiced By Haylee

Have you been aching to write an erotic hypnosis script, or femdom/fetish/kinky/vanilla erotica and then have a professional voice artist /Hypnodomme record it for you? If you haven’t, I bet the idea is inside of your mind right now!
Now for the details!


What is it? – All of you will have the opportunity to submit scripts to Me to record. ( Tiers will also include downloading copies of scripts that I record so you can learn how to write them, or gain ideas and inspiration!)
I then record those scrips, and send the voice only copy to one of you who choose to have the opportunity to be picked by me to edit ( tier options all include this option)
The edited copy is sent back to Me and I post it here on Patreon for all patrons to download and enjoy!!!!
You write, I record, you (sometimes) edit, I post, you download and bliss out!!!!
*note* Often I will edit something myself, if I feel particularly inspired by an audio! Sometimes I will feel like outsourcing to others to see what they come up with! Its always fun to hear something new!


Is this another worship Haylee site?
No! I welcome all fans of fetish/kinky stories & hypnosis. This is a kinky place for all different kinds of people to enjoy hearing their fetish come to life, regardless of the topic or their relationship status.  You may however still submit scripts around the topic of worshiping/serving ME, but you certainly do not have to! ALL kinks are welcome, besides the DO NOT list ones that are listed below. Hypnosis and non hypnosis are welcome! All forms of erotic audios!

Submit Stories/Hypnosis Scripts To: Submit your written stories or hypnosis scripts to: [email protected] with the subject line of: (Month) Patreon Written (Story/Hypnosis Script)

Editors- Email @[email protected] letting me know that you would like the opportunity to edit! 

Story/Hypnosis Submissions Are Due By: 10th day of each month.

Content Themes: All kinks and style of erotica are welcome here, besides the few listed down below! No shame, unless that's your thing ;)

Twitter Account:@voicedbyhaylee – follow for updates and fun content!

My Other Websites :hypnotichayleestore.com  hypnotichaylee.com

Wild Card Advice:- Posted under Required Reading tag under featured tags

General Do’s/Don’ts- Posted under Required Reading tag under featured tags

Prohibited Content – Includes, but is not limited to: Forced; sexual violence; incest; animals,youth; scat; Stories including real-life Domme’s or HypnoDomme’s in the fetish world. All characters, other than Mistress Haylee, must be fictional
Phew. Still with Me? Of course you are! This is SO exciting!!!!!

19 of 111 patrons
11 is My special number~ To celebrate the first time hitting 111, I will release a PDF copy of My LOVE TO BE HYPNOTIZED BY POWERFUL WOMEN script so that you can see on "paper" how I do it, so you can learn how to write scripts for me to record! 

I will release a companion loop for this file as well! This will be patreon exclusive! ( Companion loop is content from that file, along with added content, looped in a delicious mind melting style. You don't even have to have the original file to enjoy the loop! )
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
Audio releases