is creating Some pretty sexy stuff, using only her voice!

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Hi everyone! 
  I am an aspiring voice actress.
I'm not a good singer, sorry. :(
I have no idea how to edit or use sound effects.
I work full time and have a family to support.
So at times I may seem to drop off the radar, but I do try to produce a few things a month. 
There are some simple NO's- things I just won't do.
NO underage anything-EVER
No scat, piss, vomit,boogers, or smegma .Implying is fine, for scat and disposal. I just don't want to wallow in the muck.
No incest EVER
No beastailty
F/F is okay...
Other no's are at my discretion, and on an as needed basis.
There are also some HARD HELL YEAHS as well
Fem Domme
I can also do...
Video Game characters 
Animation voice acting.
I am not very good at accents though. I will give it a try though.
          That being said, I am open minded, throw your idea at me and see what can happen!
 Thanks for reading this, I hope we can work together soon!

$84 of $100 per month
I'd love to be able to do this for a living.
Sadly, what I've been getting per month can't support a family, or soundproof the studio, but it's a goal.
Moving on to payment...
You will be automatically paying for my services .
I will send the finished product to you personally via e mail, once payment has been received by me on the 7th.
  And well, family and life and work sometimes get in the way, there might be times when I am late getting to you. Please be understanding and patient. I do try my very best to get everything to you in a timely manner, but sometimes, I don't get a day off from work for a few days.
Thank you for reading this, and feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you might have.
I look forward to working with you.
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