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About VoiceScienceWorks

2 years ago Laurel Irene and David Harris launched www.voicescienceworks.org as a free online resource for all voice lovers. Today the site has over 30 free tutorial pages and draws 20,000+ visitors a week. Along with the free information offered on the site we also provide group workshops, one on one lessons, vocal ensemble retreats, online webinars and performances as vocal artists.

The information on the site draws on research from the fields of Vocal Performing Arts, Logopedics, Speech and Hearing Science, Audiology, Neurology, Laryngology, and Otology, and relies on knowledge of vocal anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, perceptual‐motor learning principles, acoustics, the physics of sound, and vocal pedagogy and practice. What does that boil down to? The nitty gritty of how we make sound and how we teach people to make the sounds they want to make.

Because all of this information in it’s raw form can often feel alienating and uninviting, the goal of our website is to translate the important parts into bitesize bits. VoiceScienceWorks is place where science can be fun, beautiful, communicative, and accessible to all.

We are asking for contributions to continue sharing and growing the free gift of www.voicescienceworks.org. Will you consider contributing as little as $3 this month so that we can keep providing new educational materials and resources for all voice lovers?

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