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About Carl Robinson

OK listeners, listen up!

I'm very happy that you're here. It means you're a voice pioneer, and just the kind of person I want to meet!

Why did I make this podcast?
Because voice interfaces are an extremely important technology, more than they are given credit for at the moment. They will have far reaching implications for society, changing how we access services, live our lives, and communicate with each other.

So... I created the Voice Tech Podcast to help you learn from voice technology experts around the world, so that you can shape the future of the field. We need as many people as possible working on this mission, to ensure the tech works for everyone's benefit. This podcast and blog is my contribution to the voice community.

Listen the episodes, and if you find value in the conversations, please consider becoming a patron. Donations really do keep the show on the road, and I count on yours.

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You can get in touch with me anytime on Twitter @VoiceTechCarl.

Thank you for your support!

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