Minghao Xu

is creating Animations, Art and Music Videos
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About Minghao Xu

My mission is to reconnect with beauty through art. For over 10+ years I have been creating visual art, animations, music videos and documentaries.
My wish is to improve the quality of my work, and as my standards rise, the necessary working hours and equipments do as well.
In order to nurture my development as an artist, I created this Patreon page where you can contribute and support me on my journey.

You can support me with as little as $2 per month and receive many benefits and goodies. For $9 you name will be in the credits of new productions. And to bring some real value, I decided to offer full screening and usage rights of my work to you (details below).

First of all it will be used to secure my basic needs - life expenses like rent and food.
My first goal at $1000 per month would cover these basic needs and allow me to dedicate to creativity full time.
On top of that all money will go straight into my projects - equipments and hardware, software and subscriptions, paying musicians, audio engineers and assistants.

Most people underestimate the workload needed to create an animation or music clip. For a 5 minute animation I need to work around 2-3 months full time.
As a Patron you can help me maintain high quality and high productivity.
You can check out my work here
   • voidvisuals.com
   • Void Visuals Youtube Channel
There are more work, animations and films that are not for free. But as my Patron you get full access to all of them.

My vision is to keep on bringing beauty into the hearts and minds and transform how we relate with creation in a more connected way. I have tons of ideas, sketches, animation scripts etc. that are just waiting in the pipeline. Here are just a few:

If you feel the resonance, inspired and want to see any of this happen, be part of this journey and be credited in my future productions. Your support will also help me to improve my skills and learn new softwares and tools.

"VOID Explorer" for $2 / month:
✓ Full access to Patrons-only "behind the scenes" section with regular updates on active projects, making of and sneak peeks
✓ Access to Full HD digital downloads of featured works
✓ And my Digital Artbook "Beyond the Veil" 

"VOID Patron" for $9 / month:
✓ All of the above and
✓ Full access to my Patrons-only portfolio section with all my productions including documentaries
Your name in the credits of all supported projects (Your name from Patreon)
$128 of $1,000 per month
This will cover my existential needs so I can dedicate most of my time to creating awesome artworks. That means at least 1 piece of art and 1 stock upload more per month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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