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I'm a writer/illustrator living in Montreal, Quebec. I'm the author of two graphic novels, most recently Ginger Goodwin: A Worker's Friend, which is available from Between The Lines Books via your local independent bookstore. My short comics have been collected in several anthologies, including Connections, Indie Ladies, and Dirty Diamonds. My work has also been featured in Bitch and Briarpatch magazines. I have two cats and I like eating cheeseburgers.

About My Work

I primarily publish non-fiction comics dealing with the history of social movements in Canada. My most recent graphic novel dealt with labour and union history on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, and the life and death of labour leader Albert “Ginger” Goodwin. (I also publish autobiographical and semi-autobiographical short comics.)

Recently, I submitted a proposal to my publisher for a new graphic novel. The book, which my publisher approved, is a series of short comics exploring the legacies of reproductive rights struggles in Canada. These comics cover topics such as the past (and present) impact of eugenics on marginalized peoples in Canada, the historical fight for the legalization of abortion, and significant issues in child welfare such as maternal poverty. My goal is to provide a holistic and comprehensive look at the Canadian landscape of reproductive rights – not just a book about abortion, but a book that examines abortion and advocates for abortion access as part of the larger picture of reproductive autonomy.

Why Patreon

I'm asking for your support so I can focus less on the freelancing which pays my bills and more on this book in the coming year. My last book suffered delays due to my intense work schedule at the time, and I want to avoid that happening with this book.

I also want to engage with my audience and provide content relating to the book leading up to its release! Patreon gives me a way to do this while helping to finance the project. Contributing to my Patreon campaign will give you access to patrons-only content, including interview transcripts, sketches, and more. Backing me here will basically provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at how the book is researched and put together, as well as other rewards depending on how much you donate.
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250 dollars a month is what I need to basically cut back on my freelancing by enough hours a week to put a fixed amount of time into this book per week. Once I've reached this goal, expect regular weekly updates to the patron-only feed - between 3-5 updates a week.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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