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About Voluntaryism in Action

We are Voluntaryism in Action Inc, the liberty movement’s charity wing! We are a 501(c)(3) non profit, and our intentions are to spread the philosophy of voluntaryism by acting on our principles. Instead of advocating the government increase expenditures on public social institutions thorough use of coercion and involuntary taxation, we believe that a vast amount of people are naturally of goodwill and more than willing to assist others. When we see the misfortunes plaguing members of society, we feel it is our duty to intervene and ease their situation financially through voluntary means.

In this adventure, we have found that a large number of the people in the liberty movement are willing to step up, and help others when they are in need. Frankly, they have proven our philosophy works.

We began our journey in offering free market solutions to those in need back in 2017. From its dawn VIA would support individuals and families in need who were utilizing GoFundMe, Donorsee, and a few other mediums, and then rally the liberty community to step up and reach the goal. At this point in time, Voluntaryism in Action and its supporters have raised over $130,000 that has directly went to the recipients in need. Although this amount is a mere drop in the bucket in regards to all the financial needs of our communities, we remain inspired enough to keep this train rolling. We have realized the influence and capabilities of this project, but we want to do more. Much more.

Unfortunately, at this time, our efforts are limited by a number of factors. For one, with our team and structure consisting of mainly volunteers, we simply do not have the funds to grow this project into a powerhouse that would otherwise be able to support multiple initiatives simultaneously. This includes the support of multiple campaigns at once, on the ground community food and toy drives, and direct contributions to disadvantaged communities. In due time, we plan to expand our operations and make a monumental difference across the globe. VIA has set goals that it wishes to complete in order to make the organization more efficient. 

Upon receiving a steady source of income, these goals can be reached. This is where our supporters step in as we are nothing without them. We are asking our supporters to voluntarily subscribe to our organization to assist us in keeping our lights on, and ultimately help us reach our goals. If you like what we do and want to play a part in showing the world we as free people are more than capable of assisting others without the use of government coercion, please consider supporting us!

**If you are financially strained and are willing to donate to one of our active campaigns, please donate to the campaign instead of subscribing to us. Please do not feel torn between the two. We prefer those in need receive the much needed help rather than us!
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