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THANK YOU!   As a $1 per month patron, you are the essential nuts and bolts of this endeavor. I will send you via email or text, four or more song sketches every month, until you have received a total of at least 54 songs. Once I've finished laying down all the sketches, you will be the first to hear from 1 to 4 of the finished mastered album-ready songs each month. And of course, as a patron, I will take your comments seriously, because you are, after all, helping bring this project to fruition. We're in this together.
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Your patonage at this level inspires me to extend myself beyond what I thought possible. Not only are we in this together, but you have extended yourself as well to help bring this 4 album project to completion. Besides my genuine gratitude and the condiments included in the $1 per month patron level, I will from time to time send you video sessions of me working and recording in the studio. Many thanks.
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For your awesome recognition and support, please consider yourself as 'someone without whom, regardless of how hard I flap my wings, would never truly make it off the ground and soar'. You are like the wind that lifts me up and the sun that warms me in flight. (Did I really just say that?) . You are more than a patron; I consider you a partner; and as such, besides all the herbs and spices that come with the other levels of support, you will have access to my personal contact info. We can share ideas about this project and talk about your creative dreams as well, partner.




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About von kobzev

In a nutshell, I'm what you'd call a 'Late Bloomer Baby Boomer'. I write songs in whatever genre excites me; rooted in: Folk, Country, Blues, Oddities and lots of Ballads. I thought I would've grown out of it by now or run out of material to write songs about, but the songs just keep coming. And now I want to immerse myself full-time .
     With your help, as a patron, this is now possible. Regardless of whatever level of support you feel like offering, my commitment to all my patrons is to deliver this: FOUR albums in the next two years; totaling at least 54 original songs. In the beginning, each month, you will be the first to hear four or more song sketches/month (MP3's sent directly to you via email or text). These are stripped-down versions of the songs that will serve as basic layouts for developing the final tracks. After completion of the 54 rough sketches, you will receive as many fully arranged and mastered album-ready songs as I can complete each month. Who knows how fast this will go? I'm thinking - pretty fast. At least 1, but more like four or 5 per month. Your feedback and monetary support adds so much more inspiration and encouragement than you can ever imagine. And since, the muse(s) are still finding me useful, no doubt, this 4 album project is only the beginning.
    I want to give a very special thank you to my first donor, who after hearing a few of the rough sketches, generously granted the funds necessary for me to build an awesome recording studio in my home. Your patronage has played a very significant role in catapulting me headlong into this project.  Thank you!
     To all of you, a big Mahalo, for considering and/or joining me in this project as a patron.
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4 album project totaling 54 original songs.
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