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About Vooks

For 20 years Vooks has been providing Australian Nintendo fans with everything they need to know about what's going on in the world of Nintendo.

We cover the latest news, we review games, we have a podcast and create videos and do our best to make sure you're educated and aware. Vooks is more than just a site with news, we're also a community. Whether it's our forum, social media pages or in real life. Vookians have made real friendships both online and offline thanks to our site.

All of the Vooks team and many of the members we have are true friends to me, our team donates their time, effort and even their own money to making the site what it can be and I can't even put into words how much that means to me.

So why are we making a Patreon? Well it's simple really, Vooks takes a lot of money to run and a lot of time. Time we have, money we do not.

When I started Vooks, the site was on free ISP hosting, we moved to a real host in 2003. Now 16 years later, I'm not a teenager anymore, don't live at home and have a mortgage - being an adult is expensive. Have you seen the cost of meat these days?

The entire time Vooks has been running we've never run at a profit, if I wanted to do this to make money I would have quit a long time ago. We have banner adverts (that no one clicks on anymore) but the income from that doesn't come anywhere close to what we need to keep the lights on.

So here we are, we're posting this to see if anyone wants to help us out. You don't have to, we're never going to charge anyone to read our site and we don't want people to give if they can't support themselves first! The ongoing money this Patreon will go back directly into the bills and to ease my poor wallet.

Vooks will go on, we love doing what we do and hope you enjoy it too.
$149.88 of $200 per month
Meeting this goal will allow Vooks to run each month, keeping the servers going. We're growing so the goal is too sadly. 

Anything more will be used for cool things like competitions and more boring things like licence upkeep, domain costs. 
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