Vops is creating Animations, art and comics

Lil vop

$1 /mo
 Thank you! THANK YOU! Every little bit counts!! This tier will give you:
  • Access to all my art before i post it on social media 
  • Special Role in my discord server!

tiny vop

$5 /mo
First off thank you so much! This option will get you:
  • 1 sketch request every month (its your responsibility to message me)
  • Enter into a raffle and the chance to win an half-body ...

Bigger vop

$10 /mo
Thank you! $10 dollars will get you:
  • Early uploads of all animations
  • GIF and WIPS and all animations
  • Tutorials on Drawing related things
  • Plus all previous rewards

Biggest vop

$20 /mo
Thank you so much!! This tier will get you:
  • Exclusive video tutorials on how I animate and edit all my videos
  • Video tutorials on how I use my programs and tips and tricks Ive lear...