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About VoraciousRose

Hello everyone!
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Rose and I am a fetish artist most commonly known for my drawings and stories. I started drawing fetish art and writing stories in the Spring of 2013 and surprisingly became a much bigger part of the community than I first expected to! The fetish community has become my home and I'm very happy to be a part of it! I've made so many friends and I feel I've grown a lot as an artist in the past few years and I've grown to love drawing even more than before and I anticipate the times that I get to stream and talk to all my wonderful friends and followers. 

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a website that helps Creators, allowing Patrons (That's you guys!) to support their favorite Creators with pledges! Most Creators will set up a form of Rewards for their Patrons each month and those Rewards usually depend on how much the Patron is pledging. You can see below all the Reward Tiers I offer to my Patrons, and if by chance you have an idea for a Reward please don't hesitate to let me know! I love to hear ideas from you guys on how I can better reward you all for your love and support! 

How does Pledging/Payment work? 
Pledging differs from Creator to Creator in the sense that some Creators may charge per finished piece of work/video/comic/etc. while others my charge Weekly/BiWeekly/Monthly. 
As you can see in the upper left of this page, my Patrons pledge per Month so whatever you pledge is what you pay each month. Pledges can be canceled at any time and you can set a monthly limit of how much you would like to pay the Creator (This doesn't really apply to my Patrons considering I do use the Monthly Pledges) 

How do Rewards work? 

Rewards are a Creators way of telling their Patrons "Thank you" in their own little way. Creators will normally set up Reward Tiers for each pledging amount. 
As you can see to the right, I offer my Patrons things like Exclusive Content that I do not release on my any of my other accounts, these things normally range from WIP shots of what I'm currently working on, Full and Unwatermarked versions of each of my works for you to enjoy, Monthly Requests, Lower Commission Prices, and even Commission Priority! 

You can find more details to the right under 'Rewards'. 

How do Milestone Goals work? 
Each Creator normally sets Goals/Milestones for the amount of pledges they receive each month. These Goals/Milestones usually have more Prizes and Rewards that everyone can benefit from! 
I like to offer things like Request Live Streams (Where I spend a set amount of time just drawing for the community whatever they ask for! Within limits of course), MORE Colored Sketch Ideas each month, or even the ability to have the Colored Sketch Ideas upgraded to Fully Inked, Colored, and Shaded pictures! 

You can see our upcoming goals on the right under 'Next Goal'

Why should you support? 
If you want to see Patreon Exclusive Drawings, have access to Patreon Only Live Streams, get access to Drawing Packs I plan to do in the future, and much more then please consider becoming my Patron. I've recently lost my full time job due to being ill and currently Patreon is my only form on income. I still have over $600 worth of bills to pay each month with all my medical bills I have to pay now. 
The more I can make on Patreon, the more time I can spend making cool things for those who support me! Like Exclusive Art, YCH Chances (at no extra cost!), and chances to join Request Streams!

Finally allow me to say 'Thank you' 
Thank you to everyone for your support! When I first joined the community as a fetish artist, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have gained so much love and support as I have from you guys!
If I could reach through my computer screen and personally thank and hug all of you, I would! Honestly, I don't think works can even describe how wonderful you all have been to me and how grateful I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. 

What else on the web can you find me? 
Deviantart |  Eka's PortalPicarto.TVFurAffinityHentaiFoundryTumblrDonate

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