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About Vor.Cat&Co

Hi There!

I'm an Australian artist practicing watercolor art and bold illustrations that often revolves around cats, cacti and original character designs. My work is best described as bright, fun and ever evolving! Welcome.

What would you like to be when you grow up? An artist! This was my answer for a very long time.
But there's no money in being an artist! Soon became the overwhelming response.

Now we have the opportunity, community, connection and resources to be both creative and pay the bills! While I'm in no way ready or established to quit my day job, let the artist flag fly and live as a full time creator... I'd like to start somewhere, to take a chance and to reach that goal. To be an artist! 

If you'd like to join me on my creative adventure - the start, the mistakes, the triumphs and the art! Please take a look at becoming a part of the family!

As my Patreon you will have exclusive access to construction sketches, doodles and the self critiques on art that didn't quite blossom, as well as custom illustrations and paintings I've made especially for you!

- Much Love!
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Reaching 10 Patrons will signify that I'm on the right path! I will then, introduce more reward Tiers and produce more videos! 

Bring it on! 
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