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Full content access + one render request monthly.

*Request must follow the page theme. (Shrinking only so no giantess stuff. No normal sized male characters, no furries and no elderly/underage female characters)

*Request will be posted on the page and shared with tier $5 and $10.




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About Vorifax

Hey! Its Vorifax I'm making shrinking fantasies featuring girls having a lot of fun with shrunken people, objects or even animals. My artwork is made in DAZ3D, using Nvidia Iray engine and based on newest and highest quality Genesis 8 models. I'm always trying my best in setting up the scenes,  characters and lights. Also I'm focused on creating things that never ever been created before. Support me and I'll make sure that you won't regret it!

About my real life I'm currently unemployed living from my savings. My only dream job I always wanted to have is creating art based on shrinking just to fulfill your deepest fantasies by turning them into 3D render reality.

What do I offer?

One type of following rewards posted everyday:
-Comic pages from comics with current range of 15-35 pages and 50-90 renders in total.
-VIP requests for $10 tier, 10 in total per month with double posts (two per day)
-Extended deviantart renders with up to 3 additional scenes in one post.
-Rewinds (Bonus pages and scenes from older comics)

What you'll find on my patreon?
-Young and sweet giantesses (18-25 years old)
-Creative scenarios and characters
-Scenes you probably never seen before
-Vore, hard and soft
-Crush, hand, feet and butt with blood or not.
-Shrunken women, men and animals.
-Humiliation such as mouth play, foot play, living jewelry, clothing stuffing and similar scenes.
-Various types of giant and tiny characters (White, Ebony, Asian)
-Shrinking only scenarios (No literally giantesses)

What you won't find on my patreon?
-Underage characters
-Male giants
-Furry characters
-Elderly giantesses
-Sexual nudity with erotic acts (sex, masturbation, body liquids, insertion, unbirth and etc.)
-Same size scenarios
-Anatomically incorrect characters
-Literally giantess scenarios where one of the characters is giant compared to environment.

100 – reached! patrons
I never ever even thought that I could reach that number of patrons. You're all awesome! You can't even imagine how grateful I am now! Thanks a million! Without you all I wouldn't be able to make such awesome comics! 
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