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Welcome to Vox Artes' Patreon page! Before donating, take your time to read the below.

What is Vox Artes about?

We are a blog and community which writes about anime from a communist perspective.

Concretely, we uncover the ideologies and contexts behind anime's apparently innocuous aspects, in order to better perceive how capitalism pervades it (even when we supposedly consume it to 'relax'); with the final goal of discovering how we can instead consume it in a way that helps us imagine a different future. The aims of our project are expanded on in our introductory post.

We globally divide our work in two parts: commentaries on specific works, and interventions on more general theoretical questions, with the aim of spreading the means and theory to help all view the media they love more politically without our help.

For an example, please see our (much-praised) early work: on 'cute girls doing cute things' and feminism.

If I donate, what will you use my money for?

For the most part, we'll just be really thankful! We know this doesn't sound very exciting, but for now we can only promise to keep doing our best; at the moment, Vox Artes is largely a one-woman operation, the costs being paid out of the owner's own pocket, and the work being done in her free timeーuntil these costs are covered and beyond, we can hardly promise much in the way of new content. For the time being your money will go toward covering maintenance costs, so we are sure to be able to keep running on the long term. To see the breakdown of our costs since the project started, please consult this document (note that the whole has been converted into dollars, making the numbers approximate). 

At the moment, we hope to start covering a larger range of subjects (such as other subculture mediums, or Japanese politics) eventually. If the project gets enough support, we hope to start a podcast. And eventually (but this is a far-off goal) we'd like to shift to a professionally-designed environment.

Patreons, however, do get immediate benefits: namely, early access to new publications, as well as access to drafts and other preliminary writings. Those who give a little will have their name displayed on the website.

If that's enough for you, feel free to donate whatever you can!

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This will cover our monthly maintenance costs.
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