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About Vozeewoe

I'm basically an untalented, comedic songwriter.

For many years I've written lots of obscure music that I have never really done anything with.

Instead of letting it all vanish into nothingness, I've decided to tweak my lyrics a bit to make my irrelevant music into sarcastic parodies about popular icons or topics.

All of my content is satire and for fun.
Any support you can give really would help me out.

As you could probably assume, I'm not doing very well. ^_^

(first music video coming in a few weeks)

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Once I reach this goal, my family may love me again.

As a grown, unemployed manlet [who makes low quality music instead of searching for an actual job] you can probably imagine the high degree of shame I bring onto my traditional family.

Anything you give is very much appreciated.

Other than basic needs, like bills and food, the money you give will go towards the production of my music videos and better quality content. Thanks lots.

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