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About VPNStats

VPNStats is dedicated to providing clear, accurate, and transparent data to give the consumer the power to choose the correct VPN provider for them.

For me to do this requires running speed tests on different servers and business/consumer ISPs around the world connected to a variety of VPN Providers. Test are performed around the clock to give a better picture of VPN Providers and ISPs promises of advertised speed.

Years of data has already been collected which started out as a hobby, data includes ISP information and advertised speeds, ping rates, location data and most importantly VPN speed results. I have found evidence of ISPs and VPN Providers not delivering their promise on speed and also evidence of throttling which I intend to start collecting more data from around the world with your help.

The site https://www.vpnstats.com/ aims to create the same abundance of data collected from top VPN Providers and also incorporate some new tricks learned along the way such as mapping hops and suggesting Providers based on your location to give you the fastest connection.

Costs would be dedicated towards the Microsoft Azure Platform for hosting, processing and storing data and time away from my day job as a Software Engineer so I can develop this into something of importance and vital.

I use OpenVPN and emerging WireGuard technology to test VPN Providers, some of the older data acquired was used using PPTP and L2TP 

My Patreons will have access to raw data as a thank you for your continued support.

This hobby has quickly become a passion of mine and I would love to pursue this project.

Thank you.


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