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About Vrai Kaiser

Hello! To all those who’ve found their way to this page via my blog, Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories; various freelancing gigs, or my work as a team member of Anime Feminist, welcome back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindness and support. For those of you who’ve wandered here from Patreon itself, a different but equally enthusiastic welcome! Now, I imagine you have some questions.

Who Am I?

My name’s Vrai – essayist, fiction writer, and lifelong unshakable nerd. Twice a week, every week, I write about popular media (a vague term, I know, but my essays have covered film, TV, anime and western animation, podcasts, and beyond). That can range from lists of forgotten classics to examinations of storytelling tools in specific works to old-fashioned reviews to what would most likely be labeled “think pieces.” As a queer individual that perspective indelibly colors my work, though it is by no means the sole scope of it.

My most famous work is a series called The Consulting Analyst, an episode by episode breakdown of a series that breaks it down to its composite parts: visual elements such as composition, direction, and framing; themes and motifs, narrative elements, character arcs and actor performances; and where the work fits into the context of its creative team, the medium then and now, and the culture at large. It is an extremely time intensive series, and some of my proudest work.

In addition to my self-published writing, I work as a freelancer all over the internet--you can find articles by me at The Portalist, VRV, Crunchyroll, and Fanbyte!

I'm also an editor and contributor to Anime Feminist, a site dedicated to spotlighting marginalized voices and having a conversation about diversity and feminism in anime and anime fandom. I'm very proud to be part of the team, even when the indie nature of the site means doing some additional unpaid work to keep things rolling. 

Why Patreon?

This is the tricky thing about the internet. See all that work up there? A lot of that's done for free. And while I love my work and my readers, I would also like to continue having internet access and electricity in order to keep writing for them. And while I do have an option my website for Paypal donations, I wanted to offer an alternative avenue for people who might want to contribute through a more structured, stabilized route.

What Are You Getting?

All of the work I currently produce will continue to be free. I’ve said that before, and I’m firmly committed to it. No pay walls, no exclusive content. This is a chance to support my work if you believe in it and want it to continue, not a holding of content to ransom.

The $100 dollar goal is for a weekly liveblog - this would let you, the audience, have a chance at directing what works you'd like to see me comment on in a slightly more freeform style than a formal blog post. While not as formal, it would let me cover a wider breadth of content with more frequent patron input. 

Analyst for Hire

Now, say you’re interested in pitching a few bucks but are even more interested in getting some extra bang for your buck. This is the section for you. Have a series you’ve always wanted to see covered? A topic you desperately want to see me take on? Hey, I’m not proud, internet. I will absolutely let you tell me what to write about.

Now, this isn’t an invitation to a paid mouthpiece – while a buyer can name a topic of their choice and can tell me some things that interest them about it that they’d like me to take into consideration (i.e. considering specifically the soundtrack of a work or comparing it to X or Y competitor), my opinion and content are ultimately up to my own discretion. If I really think I can’t do what you’re asking, I’ll either help you find something else that we can both agree on or hand you your money straight back.

How do you hire the analyst? Just send a message my way: either here on Patreon, at my blog, on Tumblr, or via Twitter DM. We can iron out the details from there. While I offer the option to pay by way of a one-time Patreon donation, I generally invoice through PayPal.

What does it cost to hire the analyst? Well, pricing’s a little in flux since this is an experiment, but here’s roughly what it looks like right now:

$50: a single post on the subject of your choosing, at least 1000 words. This is limited to content less than three hours long.

$75: a single post on the subject of your choosing, at least 1200 words. For 13 episode/"single cour" half hour seasons and series.

$125: a single post on the subject of your choosing, at least 1200 words. If you want a full season of a series covered – either 24 half hour episodes or 12/13 hour long episodes.

$50/post: Your very own Consulting Analyst, broken down episode by episode on the series (animation, live action, anime, podcast, whatever) of your choosing.

Well, I'd say that covers it for now. Take care of yourselves, readers. Thanks for sticking around.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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