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About VR AnimeTed

Feel free to reach out to us here or on any social media for comments, suggestions and/or feedback. We are very active with the community.😉
(you can check redgifs (same name) for easily viewable gallery)

Who Are We?

We are a group of technology, gaming and anime enthusiasts who work to blur the line between reality and fantasy by connecting you with your favorite characters.  We value quality above all and believe if we're going to release something it should be as good as we can possibly make it.  So we're constantly pushing the envelope on what can be done and how it can be done better next time.  Your feedback is highly valued so feel free to be vocal about your experience.

Huntress Hole (formerly RWBY Trainer)

The current main project voted on by the patrons, focusing on RWBY.  It includes the main characters from the series, i.e. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, Cinder, Neo, Emerald, Kali, Penny and Glynda...to name a few...a many more.  It takes place in a gentleman's club where there are multiple rooms, performances, pole dances, a BDSM room and more.

Premium POV 

VR brings out the true power of point of view experiences.  We currently have several girls available for such experiences and are always adding more and making improvements.  The newest releases include high-quality voice acting, improved graphics, multiple pov sequences and a completely hands-free experience.

Galactic VRA

The original version of the Galactic VRA Space Station has over 50 characters waiting to entertain you and the new one is several times larger. It's broken down into 4 main sections. The dome is a lounge with a performance stage and rotating performers to keep the entertainment fresh.  The middle ring will be full of mini-games to try out and earn rewards.  The outer ring will have several large-scale themed experiences and characters who's genre matches the themes, like dungeons, pirates, forest, video games, etc.

Project Archive

All Previous VR Video Releases (Tier1+ Access)
Public Archive available on Discord

Why Support Us? What Sets us Apart

Quality is everything.  It's our #1 focus and the foundation of everything we release.  However, creating quality comes at a premium, be it time or cost.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy our content on some level, from the high-end equipment all the way down to mobile devices or stand-alone computers.  In order to achieve that goal of maximum quality and maximum availability, we need your help.  Any amount of support is greatly appreciated and rolled into creating the best experience possible.  As they say "It takes a village..."

Where Does the Money Go?

80% of Pledges are funneled back creating new content.  This includes:
  • New Characters / New Outfits
  • Animation
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Acting
  • Sound Effects
  • Programming
  • Set Design
  • Optimization
  • High-Quality Rendering


  • Weekly VR Video Hentai Experiences with in house audio SFX (viewable on all devices)
  • Updates to the Galactic VRA Space Station with Visual Novel Elements for increased immersion
  • Consistently Higher Quality releases
  • Interactive Scenes
  • Full-Scale Game (Later down the line)

Considering VR?

Check out our quicky guide on the current VR devices and prices.

No VR? No Problem!

Many of our game engine releases are viewable on PC without a VR headset.  We are also working to release game engine content viewable on mobile VR i.e. Oculus Quest/Go and Google Daydream.  We also release NonVR versions of video content.
*If you wondering what the difference is in 3D and 360 3D the quickest answer is the same difference between a regular movie and a 3D movie or getting 2 screens showing (left eye /right eye) instead of one.

Trouble Downloading from One DriveCheck this POST for additional guidance.

Stay Connected:

Join our Discord Here to discuss all things VRA with the founder and fellow fans!

Try out our public demos and let us know what you think!

"Dream it! Believe it! Live it!"

VRA Partners & Friends

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Game Time and Living the Dream.

  • We'll have the funding needed to put for a serious effort towards a Triple A level Adult game with patreon exclusive betas all along the way.
  • Tier 2+ Patrons will get an early release of the final game.
  • All Patrons (that have ever contributed) will be listed in the games end credits.
  • Top 20 Patrons will be special credit in the intro title cards
  • Top 5 Patrons will be included in the game!
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