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You are a damn fine person! Thank you for helping me make better Artwork. Patreon Secret Gallery is available to you! With Wallpapers, Screenshots and cool/fun/weird stuff!
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I will hide your name in every painting i make. Inside the model or somewhere else. Strengthening the fact that you made this piece of Artwork possible.
- Also Acccess to the Secret Patreon Gallery
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Every month, we'll have a patron-only live stream just for us, plus all previous rewards
- Your name in every painting.
- Also Acccess to the Secret Patreon Gallery.




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About vrhuman

You can help and make Art in Virtual Reality a thing everyone can enjoy.
We only need the right tools to turn your and our ideas into living and breathing pieces of art the whole planet can enjoy.

We are just scratching the surface here. With the right Software we can improve the quality of everything we do manifold.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Software for one Month!
I can afford professional Editing tools for Video and Stills now!
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