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Love shouldn't be stuck behind a paywall. Thank you, your support helps us grow and improve the site <3
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Hi, thanks for coming by!

Supporting our Patreon helps us:
  • Keep VR dating free and available for everyone.
  • Make a user-first dating site/app (one that doesn’t try to squeeze money and data out of you).
  • Cover our costs of running VRLFP
  • Improve features through hiring developers, commissioning design, and affording better servers/databases.
  • Shape the future of love together!

(This page is new - stay tuned for a Patreon video where we'll talk about our site, our story, and our goals for the future of dating. For now, read on)

Our story

We (kfarwell, existony, and the team) have spent thousands of hours in VR (mostly VRChat).

We've fallen in love, like, and ERP with people from all over the world. We've made some of our closest friends in VR, and met up with VR friends and partners IRL, too. Wtih VRLFP we want to make VR dating & friendship easier for everyone.

This means:

  • Letting VR shine: VR enables immediate, safe, and unique dates across any distance. Unlike most dating apps, VR emphasizes personality & vibes over looks.
  • Open source code. VRLFP’s code is public, which keeps us more secure and accountable to our users. This also allows the community to participate in directly in development.
  • No tracking and no ads. No one should have the right to invade your privacy or sell your data.
  • No chat-bots or fake profiles, which a lot of dating sites use apparently (!).
  • Free premium features, like seeing who ‘likes’ you. Love shouldn’t be trapped behind a paywall. 

Fixing the Online Dating business model

Why do dating apps and sites suck so much? We think it has something to do with the business model. When dating apps monetize aggressively, they are incentivized to keep you swiping, without success.

The longer you spend in an app, the more ad revenue you make them, every other major dating app tracks your messages and matches, and may sell your data. The more you swipe without success, the more you despair, and the more willing you are to buy premium or boosts.

Keeping VRLFP free and patron-supported lets us put the user first — serving you over anyone else.

Why we believe in VR dating

You can be more authentic: VR lets you understand someone as a person beyond just their looks. You can get to know each other, personality and vibe first, then trade IRL facts/pictures/details if you want. VR lets you better see into someone’s personality (even their soul) free of judgement.

You can meet people from everywhere: VR frees you from seeing the same faces over and over again from your city, small town, or school. You meet anyone from all over the world, and share space across any distance. This includes people with niche interests like yours, or from minority groups too! For example, VRChat has a huge LGBTQ+ community.

You can meet up easily in VR: VR lets you skip the awkward messaging and meet up in a Social VR app/game right away. Unlike video calls or phone calls, you can feel someone’s presence in VR: you can read their body language in three immersive dimensions, hear their voice with spatial audio, even exchange a hug with phantom touch. This lets you test chemistry faster!

Free and awesome dates. Once you have a VR headset, you can grab a coffee, visit an amusement park, or go to the moon without leaving your home (and without spending a dime).

Dating shouldn’t make you a more frustrated, lonely, insecure, or worse person. The act of dating, and love, should make you more human: more open-minded, more trusting, and more loving. We think VR dating will help make that happen. Help us make that a reality <3

Join us!

We host weekly events on our Discord and channels where you can talk and get to know other VR users. Most of our users use VRChat, but people from all Social VR apps and multiplayer games are welcome!


We really appreciate your support ^^ You can also help us by:
  • Spreading the word: telling your friends, VR Discord servers, and VR communities about VRLFP
  • Partnering with us: we’re still working out the details, but if you’re a VR content creator, community leader, game dev, or artist interested, DM @existony#0001 on Discord.
  • Become a site or Discord mod: Join our Discord, then DM @existony#0001.

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