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About VRLove

Hi VRLovers!

We have sad news to share; the Patreon site for VRLove is closing after two years.

No worries! The game will be still available!

On VRLove web we will be giving the game all the support needed but we are not going to continue its development.

It’s been two amazing years full of hard work and high satisfaction. We are deeply thankful for all the support you have given us during these two years; your contribution has been the key for us to be able to keep on this project. At this point we can only say THANK YOU.

A massive thank you for all and each of you. Thank you for helping us developing VRLove, thank you for all your ideas which have crucial to create new paths, concepts, items, rewards, mechanics and physics.

The VRLove team will still be active in new projects. You can follow them on our VirtualRealPorn. There you can find all the projects we are working on. Virtual reality has still lots to say and from VirtualRealPorn we want to keep on offering you the best productions with the best actresses to create the most amazing immersive experiences.

On the site https://vrlovethegame.com/ we will give the game support and it can be still purchased. VRLove is an unique experience so it will be available for every one wanting to try to it.

We can’t know what the future holds for us, but can absolutely say VRLove has been key for the personal development of every member of the team who has been working hard in this project, so, one way or another we will always be part of and hooked on VR.

We shall see you there!

Lots of Love.

VRLove teams

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