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  • Support our efforts to build a community!
  • Guest star as an NPC! (depending on GM needs).
  • Invites to open and intro gaming tables when offered!
  • Read our text-based 24/7 RP channels for different worlds.
  • Listen in and follow games as they are being run!
  • Access to casual game chat 24/7 with our awesome members!
Includes Discord benefits

Explorer (Wednesdays & Saturdays)

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Includes all of the benefits of the Supporter tier, plus:
  • Play in persistent campaigns in non-shared worlds on Wednesdays or Saturdays (availability limited!)
  • Access to view and listen in on our shared-world games and channels when they're running!
  • One-on-one counselling available to teach games & help you realize your vision for your character!

How Explorer Tier Works:
Wednesdays and Saturdays, our GMs offer both "traditional" style roleplaying games in the Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and other systems.  You're also welcome to offer your own (and if you run 4 full tables a month, your next month's membership is free).  

Sign up on our schedule and indicate which game(s) you're interested in playing with, and we'll match you with a GM and a group of players and set you on your way to adventure!
Includes Discord benefits

Champion (Unlimited)

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per month
Includes all of the benefits of the Explorer tier, plus:
  • Play in shared-universe campaigns (Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings) run by our pool of Verified GMs every day but Wednesdays and Saturdays!
  • Play (or GM) in other games run any day of the week!
  • Access to text-based 24/7 RP channels for our shared settings.
  • WorldAnvil page for your characters & groups! (SW only for now, future game worlds in development)

How Champion Tier Works:

In addition to being able to sign up for our Wednesday and Saturday games, join our shared universe games offered every other day of the week with our Verified GMs.  Here, your character(s) will adventure in a universe filled with PCs and GMs, forming alliances and organizations, building a reputation and a homestead, and changing the world you're playing in. 

Sign up on our schedule (every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and twice on Sundays) and indicate which game(s) you're interested in playing in. We'll match you with a GM and a group of players and set you on your way to adventure!
Includes Discord benefits




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About VSpace

Join us, and play games with a community of dedicated gamers on Discord and online!
Come to our Discord server and play for the first month, free.  If you like us, support the community and keep playing in our games!

VSpace is a community dedicated to providing a virtual space for players and GMs to come together and play their favorite roleplaying games online. Offering shared-universe games in the Star Wars and Legend of the Five Rings systems, your characters can move between different tables with different Verified GMs in the same campaign worlds, forming player organizations, adventuring with different groups and playing in stories revolving around your characters.  

Featuring the latest and best in Discord technology as well as a rich and varied WorldAnvil community where characters, organizations and settings are brought to life and constantly updated, the actions you take and people you meet will be documented and change the worlds you play in, giving you the opportunity to share your character's story with the entire community even when you're not playing.  Text-based channels are dedicated to prominent locations in the world so you can play with others even when there's no Verified GMs available to run a session.

Additionally, GMs who want to offer their own games are welcome, and "traditional" campaigns in a variety of systems are yours to offer to our large community of gamers. 

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