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You're Awesome!

$1 /mo
No reward, I just want to support V-Squared! 

Livestream Crew

$3 /mo
3... 2.. 1.. ACTION! Participate in polls, submit questions, and even video chat with me during the livestream.
  • Exclusive access to Patreon livestream once a month.


$5 /mo
You don't have to be big, to have a big heart! The Little Guy donors receive the following rewards for their continued support:
  • Exclusive access to Patreon livestream once a month. 

The Post Master!

$15 /mo
Want to be my PenPal?! Let me thank you by sending you a personalized postcard once a month. Be prepared for the random haikus, a heartfelt message, or trying to understand my weird sense of humor....

Peeping Toms

$30 /mo
Can't wait for your weekly dose of V2?! - No problem. Some of my videos are prerecorded a week in advance! With this contribution I will give you early access to videos before they go live, this in...

V2. I. P.

$50 /mo
We will have a monthly Skype call. Just you and me. You have given so much to me and my life, let me personally get to know you and thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.
  • Exclusi...

Ultimate Package

$100 /mo
This is the most exclusive access I can offer. Skyping, direct messaging - get your daily dose of V2 
  • Exclusive access to Patreon one a month livestream
  • A one-off hand written pos...