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  • 高解像度なアートワーク (無修正, 1 絵, サンプルはPATREONがあります。)


  • High resolution artwork (only picture that as seen on my PATREON gallery)(Uncensored)
per month

  • 高解像度なアートワーク (無修正, complete CG sequence)


  • High resolution artwork (Completed CG sequence)(Uncensored)
GOLD TIER [ゴールド]
per month

  • 高解像度なアートワーク (無修正, complete CG sequence)
  • 高解像度 line-art  バーション + .PSD*


  • High resolution artwork (Completed CG sequence)(Uncensored)
  • High resolution lineart + .PSD file(s)*

*.PSD file(s) are made by Clip Studio Paint (CSP). (.PSDファイルはClip Studio Paint(CSP)が作製したものです。)



About Vudanshy/ヴダンシー

Hello, I'm Vudanshy!
こんにちわ、ヴダンシー です!

I really love drawing yaoi artwork in a shounen animanga style. I made this Patreon for funding purposes so I can work as a fulltime freelance artist. Wish me luck!

私は少年アニマンガスタイルーのヤオイアートワークを描くのが好 きです。 フリーランサーアーティストとして資金調達の目的のために、この Patreonを作りました。どうぞよろしくお願いします!

What will you get from becoming my Patron?
  • Exclusive uncensored NSFW CG illustration (Amount of CG based on current reached milestones/goals)
  • Every CG illustration contains about 15 image sequences/variation.

  • 排他的な無検閲のNSFW CGイラスト(CGの数は現在達成された目標によって異なる)
  • CGイラストはそれぞれ 15つの画像の変化があります。

Reward system for Patron, [NEW MECHANISM]
  1. All Patrons will be charged on the first (and onward) date of month for the selected month's reward. (e.g. for September reward's you will be charged by first September onward)
  2. The rewards will be sent by the end of the selected month. 
  3. For the rewards' amount and variation, please check the Tier option when you pledge here.

Thank you so much for your support here!!!

--- Please do not repost or republish the Patron rewards anywhere, respect the other Patrons who support here too. ---
16% complete
  • Adding another one monthly NSFW CG. [Total of 2 NSFW CG per month]
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