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About Team VUEngine

Hello, Virtual Boy fans! We are Jorge and Chris and we love creating software and tools for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

For more than 13 years now, we have been working on VUEngine, a versatile, object oriented Nintendo Virtual Boy game engine. It is open source and licensed under the MIT license so that anyone can use it to create amazing Virtual Boy homebrew with ease, while the engine abstracts away, and takes care of, any and all hardware management tasks.

To go with the engine, we put together VBDE ("Virtual Boy Development Environment"), an all-in-one portable Virtual Boy development environment that is as easy to set up as downloading and unpacking - no installation, no hassle. It comes with extensive sample code which can be used as a starting base for your own projects.

Over the years, we have created numerous Virtual Boy games and demos. Here's a selection of what we have done so far (also includes pre-engine games):

With your support, we want to further improve VUEngine and create full games with it. Furthermore, we aim to make it even more accessible to other developers by completing the documentation, creating tutorials and building new tools like a graphical entity editor.

Through this campaign, we hope to raise enough monthly donations to be able to work less on our jobs and instead spend that precious time working on cool Virtual Boy stuff. It would be absolutely incredible if we were able to turn our passion into a part-time or even full-time job.

If only 150 Virtual Boy fans are willing to support us with $25 per month in average, that should be enough for both of us to be able to quit our day jobs and create Virtual Boy software for a living. Just imagine what we will be able to pull off... regular new quality Virtual Boy games plus even better tools to create your own. Intrigued? Please help us make the dream a reality!

Thank you! ❤
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Thank you for your support, you're awesome! Let us give you back a little bit with stuff like sneak peaks of upcoming projects through patron-only posts as well as the backer badge on Planet VB and the backer role on Planet VB's Discord server. If you're a developer, we'll also happily help you find your way around the engine.
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Everything above, plus we'll include your name in the credits of our future games. Also, you'll be on top of the line to buy upcoming CIB releases of our games, at 5% off. Higher donations equal higher priority.
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Everything above with 15% off all our upcoming CIB releases, plus you'll get regular builds of our work-in-progress games.

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$159 of $250 per month
Awesome! At least one of us can reduce working times on his day job a bit and spend a whole day per week working on the engine and games!
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