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Everything starts from raw material and a spark. Join the Vulcan Theatre community and you will receive:

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You're helping us create something new, which makes you an artisan in your own right In addition to all the perks from Spark, you will receive:

- Date Night. 2 Free Tickets to any one Vulcan ticketed performance.

- Early Access to ticket sales for all Vulcan shows.

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You're contribution has helped mold our theatrical world and you are truly a member of the Vulcan inner circle. In addition to all the perks from the Spark and Apprentice tiers, you will receive:

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About Vulcan Theatre Company

Every raging fire starts with a spark. Welcome to our Patreon!

Vulcan Theatre Company is a New York City based group of creators. We're focused on new-ness and innovation in some step of the theatrical process. This includes:

  • Producing new plays from new voices and Writers.
  • Working with emerging Actors and Artists and providing a platform to showcase their work.
  • Working with Directors with new and exciting ideas about classic or established plays.

Vulcan was founded in 2018 by Artistic Director Ryan Marcone, Associate Artistic Director Robert Bradvica, and Managing Director Alison Marcone. We saw a need for a place where new voices could be heard, opportunity was abundant, and audiences could experience world class theater from skilled artists that was affordable and accessible to all.

Vulcan Theatre Company is that place.

Vulcan has already achieved a lot in our infancy. In July 2018 we premiered our Forge Night program, which is a one night festival of new short plays where we cast, directed, and produced new work. Forge Night debuted to an electric sold out audience at the Access Theater in downtown Manhattan. We produced five new short plays with a total cast of twelve actors, and the response to the evening was overwhelming: Vulcan had started something. 

Seeing the positive reaction, we rolled out our Forge Night: Reading Series this past October. The Reading Series is a stripped down, simplified version of Forge Night where we host a free staged reading of new plays still in development at a local Harlem coffee shop. We viewed this as an opportunity to both aid writers in their creative process and to help foster a community for the arts in Uptown Manhattan where our founders live.

And the future only holds more for us! For 2019 we have planned more fully produced Forge Nights, more Forge Night: Reading Series events, along with several other staged readings. And in the future, with your help, these types of events will be joined by full theatrical seasons of 2-3 shows per year, brought to our audience for what it costs to go to the movies. Because it is an essential tenet of Vulcan that the only way theater can thrive and grow and engage young audiences is if it is as easy and inexpensive to see as the latest summer blockbuster.

So What Does My Donation Do for Vulcan Theatre Company?
Great question! Here are just some of the things our budget goes towards and what we can use your help with in the future:

  • Actor/Director/Technical Artists Stipends
  • Theater/Rehearsal Studio Rentals
  • Costume/Set Design/Lighting Budgets
  • Expanded Programming (Our goal is to eventually incorporate fully produced seasons of 2-3 shows per year)
  • Company Merchandise 
  • Help Keep Our Ticket Prices Affordable (We believe audiences should be able to experience professional, challenging theater for the cost of going to the movies)

At the heart of everything we do at Vulcan is the desire to create art where there was none before. Crafting something beautiful from raw material. And we cannot do it without your help. 

So join us for the ride. We'll create something beautiful together. #ForgeSomething
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  • Stipend payments for Directors
  • Funds 2 Forge Night: Reading Series events
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