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The more you support me, the more time I can invest in Warcraft 3 development

Hello Warcraft III Enthusiast,

Im Pad - a 31 years old professional software engineer at BMW and a freelancing developer in my sparetime. And i am Warcraft III Enthusiast as well as you are.

Current/Past Projects

You may have been in touch with one or the other thing i am/was creating around our beloved game. If not, let me shortly introduce my projects. I'm around in the Warcraft III Community as Developer for more then 10 years. The first project, which was recognized by the whole community around the globe was W3Arena. A private server as alternative to the classic which fixed it's flaws of that time. In the end of 2019 I started providing an other well known service to the community. It's called W3Booster and extends the watching experience of streams by multiple overlays. Check out this example of usage of W3Booster by HeroesHearth:

My newest project is W3Champions - a private ladder system seamlessly and easily accessible integrated into WC3 Reforged to resolve the lack of an official ladder. You will find further details about my plans regarding W3Champions in the section below.

What is this patreon page for?
As a freelancing developer i always have to weight working for a customer against spending my time to develop for the WC3 community. I thought i might be able to combine these and replace my freelancer activities as far as possible by community development efforts. So my goal is to shift as much of my freelancer activities to Warcraft 3 development activities by getting my development activities crowd funded and thereby increase amount and quality of work i can deliver to the community. Especially for my newest project W3Champions I consider this model.

I'm completely transparent about this with you - as freelancer, located around munich/germany i usually earn around 65-90 euro/hour and work around 20 hours per month for customers. For shifting an hour of freelancing to an hour of community development, i would apply the passion discount because of my love for the community. So every 40 EUR I shift one additional hour from freelancing to WC3 community work. All work efforts for W3Booster are excluded from this. The more you support me, the more time i can invest in Warcraft 3 development. You prefer one time donations instead of continuous support? You can also support me via paypal by this link. Thank you so much for considering.

The current project
The goal of W3Champions is to establish a ladder-system in Reforged because of the lack of an official ladder. It will be seamlessly integrated in the current Reforged client. The system will utilize the custom game functionality of Reforged and not host games by itself. The focus of the solution lies in a fitting matchmaking and a laddersystem for long term motivation. The system will at least fix the following flaws of the current Reforged solution:
- better Pings because of only regional matches (back to non-global ladder)
- other Matchmaking algorithm
- Ladder with ranks
- Proper profiles

I evaluated the technical doability by creating a Proof of Concept i recorded to share with you:

W3Champions Roadmap:
In case interest and support are as big as expected, i will realize a prototype until end of march, which will contain a matchmaking and the integration in Reforged to create/join games and detect the winner/loser. Until mid of April i will have implemented a ladder system and profiles, viewable in your Reforged client as well as on a website. All of this will happen with a focus for 1on1. Other gamemodes can be added later on.

Earlier progress is very possible but i don't want to promise and not to deliver.

I hope you enjoy what i do. I thank you in advance for your interest in me and my projects.

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