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The golden thread of science underlines each object and story brought to us through history. From the chemistry behind the smell of old books to the eruption that inspired Munch, Turner and Shelley’s major works, luminescent bacteria healing wounds on the Civil War battlefield, invisible ink and soapmaking, science can be found anywhere and everywhere, and provides an endless source of fascination for curious minds.
Passionate about the 19th century, I have spent the last three years incorporating historical habits, techniques and items into my daily life. From this experience, I have derived a great amount of pleasure and knowledge which I now wish to pass, by sharing this passion with a wider audience.
Wonderings is an invitation to time travel on the back of science, to better understand the everyday life of our ancestors and to experience history firsthand thanks to a series of experiments designed to be performed at home.
Dear Wonderers, welcome to this crossroads between history of science and the science behind history. may this journey feed the fire of your curiosity and leave you ever wishing for more!

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