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About WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project)

With your support of this patreon you can help maintain development of WACUP which is an independent project (important note: there is no affiliation of this project with the current owners of Winamp) with the aim to provide new features and bug fixes for the mighty Winamp player from those who care about keeping Winamp alive and whippin' with the goal to eventually become it's own highly Winamp compatible media player with your support.

WACUP consists of new plug-ins (be they newly created or updated versions of existing 3rd party plug-ins) to add additional features to the last AOL provided Winamp release (5.666 Build 3516) as well as making use of the benefits of Winamp being heavily based on a plug-in system to allow replacements to be created which provide better implementations over the plug-ins natively included with Winamp.

Finally by including and updating other 3rd party skins (e.g. ClassicPro support out of the box) and plug-ins for Winamp (e.g. some plug-in examples), WACUP should be able to provide something for most users who care about Winamp and want to keep using it for the years to come.

Why support WACUP?

Since the sale of Winamp (and SHOUTcast) from AOL to the Radionomy Group in January 2014 (instead of it being closed on December 20th 2013 after ~15 years with AOL covering 2.5 to 5.666), it has become very clear that the new owners of the Winamp do not truly care about it or want to invest the time and resources into providing a new Winamp release as the community wants. This is where WACUP comes into play by trying to do what can be done by the Winamp community which is where almost off of the good things about Winamp came from anyway :)

Thankfully for us, the 5.666 release (when patched  e.g. from here) is a solid version of Winamp (more so if you only install the parts of it that you want to use as has always been the case despite some misconceptions about 5.x vs 2.x) and which can be used as a basis to work on top off. Making my own player is still beyond my skill level and I honestly think it's better to use what we've already got as a basis than taking even longer to get something that works as writing a player from scratch involves.

The source code for Winamp is not available (I won't get into the open sourcing argument) however for the majority of features being considered this is not really a problem and it just means certain things can take longer to implement than would be liked  e.g. basic streaming support to listen to what is playing in Winamp elsewhere.

Due to Winamp being very modular in how it is built and provided, this makes it much easier to either add new features or replace existing plug-ins for better re-implementations that do what you (the Winamp user) actually want out of Winamp.

So by supporting this patreon, it will allow me to keep working on creating new features and maintaining WACUP to keep Winamp working on current and modern versions of Windows to come for those that want to keep using an equivalently "actively developed" Winamp.

As of the launch of this patreon in September 2017, I have already committed 20 months of my time (I started out working on Winamp plug-ins as a 3rd party plug-in developer back in 2003 so I have a little bit of experience with Winamp and plug-ins, etc) to get to the initial release being sent out for closed beta testing In November 2016 with then at least one beta release (often more on average) a month to the registered beta testers.

A public preview build was made available in January 2018.

How to get involved?

Currently WACUP is being developed as a closed beta which is to save some users from installing and breaking their Winamp installs due to WACUP replacing large parts of Winamp which can cause issues with some of the beta builds. If you want to help out beta testing then join the WACUP community forum and drop 'dro' a pm to show your interest.

I'll state now that I'm not having beta access be a patreon exclusive as I'm more than aware that people cannot necessarily financially commit to helping (as everyone's time has some value) but can still help out as much as they can via feedback, suggestions and if possible beta testing, etc. Plus it wouldn't be fair on the existing beta testers from the last year.

What about rewards for supporting?

That's a very good question as isn't updates for Winamp via WACUP enough of a reward already? ;) I'll honestly admit I don't know what would be a good reward other than what I'm already doing by working on WACUP other than including your name and an associated website (if you have one) within the 'Patreon' section of the WACUP preferences.

Finally I just want to thank you if you do decide to help support this patreon and for having the belief in wanting to see it succeed. For anyone reading this but is not in a position to help out financially, if WACUP is something you like then you can still help out by promoting it or offering your time (if you can) to help with the beta testing or to just make suggestions and other constructive feedback to help shape the future of what is looked into and eventually provided.


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