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When I hit $2, a deluxe edition of my album Rising Fire, Falling Rain will be released here once it is complete.


I make electronic music. You'll find my music on bandcamp and SoundCloud. I'm from Austin. Tx. I do a lot of stuff.


Austin, TX, USA

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Click the image to download the deluxe version of my new album Rising Fire, Falling Rain for free.

"wahrk's all about exciting sounds that blend together to create imagery. When you're listening, you can feel the imagery in your skin. It seeps into your bones. The music rises and flows, like a painting, every few seconds picking a new color from sound's palette and adding it to the canvas. It's a bold display of emotion, music that makes you want to live." - Daniel Burrow, Cracked Monocle

I make music. It's usually electronic in nature. Have a listen to the tunes I make. If you like them, help me make the next batch even better by giving me a dollar (or more if you'd like) for each time I release something new.

A "release" is typically one 5- to 10-track album/EP. Expect one every few months. If you're worried about going over budget, feel free to set a cap. No prob.

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