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About Wairu

Hello everyone!

I am Wairu, and I would like to thank you for your time that you are reading this description as the starter of this page.

Keep in mind that my artworks may contain Adult contents, topics as well as Clean, so please don't be shocked!

The idea was generally to create a chance for my fans to let them contribute as much money on a regular basis, or perhaps once or twice, however they feel, and as much they feel like giving for my works.
I don't intend to lock people away from my artworks and put my Patreon page as the only available source of my artworks behind a paywall checkpoint, because that would be unfair, so instead I let everyone decide how much would you like to pay for my efforts if you feel for donating one of your favorite artist.
I keep posting freshly created artworks in my galleries listed below in links available at normal size for free, however if you feel like supporting me through a Tier 1(for 5 USD), your reward would be the access to HD versions of my works I have created so far.

What I post here:

  • Arts of course!
  • Work in Progress sketches at times, depends for the demand over time
  • [planning] - chance of time lapse videos. For video editing I welcome suggestions what would you recommend me using.

Later on I might decide and -perhaps- announce a chance for a special image be created that you all would like to see, perhaps based on a poll, perhaps based on a raffle system to make it a little bit more interesting as a way of being grateful for supporting me. I believe it would be also great that my supporters gets something back from my end, however due to my test-drive of doing commissions primarily as my job, I can not guarantee a spot all the time. I will try regardless!

If you would be wondering where my galleries can be found, you may find it in the following list:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 153 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 153 exclusive posts

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