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Pledge $1 or more per month
If you pledge a dollar a month for us to continue creating spectacular podcasts, we will be incredibly grateful.  Really, we will not chide you about how most of your money will be going to the credit card processing, we will merely send you an extensive note whispering ecstatically that we love you.
Pledge $2.50 or more per month
Aw yeah, you guessed it:  more gratitude! Seriously, it would be a big deal for us to get the money, and we will write you the mashiest mash note you've ever mushed. (Wha?) 
Pledge $5 or more per month
Here is where the S-H-I-T gets R-E-A-L:  If you donate $5 a month, you will automatically get a super-rare sticker!  Seriously, you do not even have to buy a package of Crackerjacks or buy one of those packages of rice candy.  Our super-rare sticker of our super-awesome logo will be sent to you via the not-so-super-and-in-fact-possibly-in-peril-of-existing postal service.  (Sorry for the downer ending on that one, but it's something we worry about.)

ADDITIONALLY!  If you give this amount for eight consecutive months (i.e., set it to auto-renew and forget all about it), we will thank you on air!  (And also check to make sure you're still okay.  We worry.)

If you give this amount for an entire year, you get to tell us the comic book and we will read and discuss it on air!

If you give this amount for two years?  You will not only be thanked every six months, you will get to order us around like we are helpless to resist twice, AND you get three questions in our annual "we answer listener questions" podcast, which will be given the highest priority  It's like you are a god, and we are your terrified subjects!
Pledge $10 or more per month
If you pledge $10 a month to help keep our podcast fresh, vital, and challenging, we will be ridiculously grateful.  Not only will you get the super-rare sticker, you will get access to the 21st Century marvel that is the digital grab bag!  It is not at all a Dropbox folder with rare, never-heard-before files for you to download and chortle over... No, it is more like Jack Kirby's Mother Box come to life, but instead of its tonic pings you will instead hear Graeme and Jeff, Jeff and Graeme, speaking to you in the fiery language of the New Gods!

(Okay, it probably will be a Dropbox folder.)

Additionally, you will get the above recurring incentives in a much-faster time frame:  thanked in four months!  Assigning us books to read in six months!  And in a year, you get to ask us four questions in our annual "we answer listener questions" podcast, which will be given the highest priority, and with which Jeff will read to Graeme with the preface "But, Khaleesi..."  each and every time. Unbelievable!
Pledge $20 or more per month
I know, I know.  How could we ever do better than that? Well, if you support the Wait, What? podcast at this level, not only will you receive the sticker and the digital grab bag but, yes, you guessed it: you will also receive a tote bag!

Let that sink in, huh?  You'll be able to show your love of the Wait, What? podcast wherever you go!  Or, if you're in a city like Jeff's where they charge you a dime when you need a bag, you'll have an excellent and durable quality product capable of carrying comic books, food, shoes from the beach, The Infinity Gauntlet...whatever you can dream of, you'll be able to carry in this bag (but only if it stays a dream, and thus remains utterly insubstantial).  It'll still hold lots of stuff, though.

And, if you continue to give at this level, think of it:  Thanked on air in two months! Telling us what to read in three months! And in six months, you can ask us five questions, we'll answer them before we do our annual listener  questioner podcast, and Graeme will absolutely use the word "spectacular" in every one of his answers.  Also, Jeff will read your questions in the voice of Alan Moore! 

And then when the annual listener questioner podcast rolls around, you can ask five more questions!  And we'll do it again!  Probably even better since we'll have had some practice! 

We don't mean to oversell this, but give at this level for that long and it's basically like you get to decide who lives and who dies.

Pledge $100 or more per month
Don't worry, this is the last reward level: we know your heart couldn't stand any more.  (Jeff's hasn't: he's actually been resuscitated via defibrillator four times since we started planning out these levels.)

If you pay $100 a month because, I don't know -- you and the Legion of Doom traveled back in time and milled all of the gold out of Sutter's Creek without the Superfriends showing up to stop you -- you get the sticker, digital grab bag, and tote bag PLUS you get to assign a comic book for Graeme and Jeff to read on-air.  We will do it, we're not kidding! 

If you give at this rate every month, you'll be thanked on air for every podcast; you can ask up to eight questions which we will answer before the annual listener podcast ( we will  devote an entire podcast to it, probably: don't forget we talked about making balloon animals to make money so clearly we are easily fiscally swayed); you can request a book for us to read every other month if you like OR we will pretend we read a book of your choosing every month if you don't mind us being lazy and faking it.  We will call you sire because we will be your sucka MCs, and you will be our King Ad-Rock.  There would be none higher.