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Four written posts a week!
$1,000 per month
Let's get real: if we get $1,000 a month, we will turn your mind into a shower of fiery sparks with four written posts a week covering the world of comics and pop culture. Graeme has been doing this for more than five years with some of the biggest websites on the Internet. Jeff has been busy napping...so you can bet he'll be well-rested and ready for action when this milestone is met!
Alternating solocasts every month!
$2,000 per month
Oh sure, you say.  That all sounds great.  But...what if you want a little alone time with sexy Graeme McMillan.  With this milestone met, you can get the next best thing:  a solocast every month where our hosts finally get the chance to talk and talk and talk without having to give lip-service to all that "listening" nonsense.  We did this once before and the results were insane -- imagine what will happen when it becomes a staple of your listening diet.  Your ears will get effing ripped!  (In a good " oh look my ears have a six-pack way," not in a bad Reservoir Dogs, Django, or even in that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan way that isn't technically ripping but is still altogether blucky.)
A second podcast!
$4,000 per month
Yes, this was as high as we could possibly endeavor to reach (at least until we attach an actual figure on that "pay Nicholas Cage to guest on the podcast and talk about comic books" milestone): a second podcast with monthly interviews with people in the comics and entertainment fields.  For those of you who always wondered, "what would it take for Graeme and Jeff to get their act together and organize cohesive interviews with people who really know what they're talking about," well, now you have your answer.

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For five years, Wait, What? has been Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan’s podcast for discussion of comic books, pop culture, and their shared love for Belgian Waffles. With new episodes released every second Monday, it’s a place where news, reviews, and countless digressions about television, movies, and half-remembered comic characters combine to create something that’s one part informed comic book industry analysis and commentary, about the comic book industry and one part ongoing conversation between two friends. If nothing else, Wait, What? is a comic book podcast with more mentions of Jack Kirby and Steve Englehart than any other podcast out there—we (almost certainly) guarantee it!*

Freewheeling and only occasionally nonsensical, Wait, What? has a following of tens of thousands of “Whatnauts” who tune in to hear discussions on everything from the latest Marvel or DC event comic, to 2000AD characters of the past, or Jeff’s latest “erotic” webcomic discovery--all treated with the same mix of irreverence and affection. After more than 150 episodes as the official podcast for the Savage Critics website, Wait, What? is going it alone for the next 150 and beyond — with your help, of course.

While the regular Wait, What? podcast will remain available for free every two weeks as always, we’re looking to expand our horizons, with a new website (at http://www.waitwhatpodcast.com) where we can host written posts, as well as — just maybe — some additional audio special episodes and other extra content in the future.

But we can’t do it without you!

In order to provide the kind of additional material we’d like to offer, we’re asking for contributions from listeners. We’re not asking for a lot — as you can see below, we tried to keep our pledge levels as low as we could — but every little bit helps us free up our schedules to have more time to put towards All Things Wait, What?. In exchange, we’re offering chances for you to suggest comics we should be reviewing, ask questions we’ll answer on-air, and receive exclusive audio unavailable anywhere else.

We’re both very conscious of our audience, and also of what we’re asking with this campaign. You can cap your monthly contributions, or offer a one-time pledge if you want; we will be eternally grateful no matter what, (and not in the “year-long Batman mini-series” meaning of the word, either). Please check out the reward tiers below, watch the video above (Seriously, we cut about three minutes of us cracking up at each other out, so be grateful that it’s not longer), and then decide to give us all of your worldly goods — sorry, we mean “carefully choose which tier seems best for you.”

Thank you for checking out this Patreon! We will try our best to entertain and earn our keep, but apologize in advance for our probably-inevitable future failures in that regard.

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I know, I know.  How could we ever do better than that? Well, if you support the Wait, What? podcast at this level, not only will you receive the sticker and the digital grab bag but, yes, you guessed it: you will also receive a tote bag!

Let that sink in, huh?  You'll be able to show your love of the Wait, What? podcast wherever you go!  Or, if you're in a city like Jeff's where they charge you a dime when you need a bag, you'll have an excellent and durable quality product capable of carrying comic books, food, shoes from the beach, The Infinity Gauntlet...whatever you can dream of, you'll be able to carry in this bag (but only if it stays a dream, and thus remains utterly insubstantial).  It'll still hold lots of stuff, though.

And, if you continue to give at this level, think of it:  Thanked on air in two months! Telling us what to read in three months! And in six months, you can ask us five questions, we'll answer them before we do our annual listener  questioner podcast, and Graeme will absolutely use the word "spectacular" in every one of his answers.  Also, Jeff will read your questions in the voice of Alan Moore! 

And then when the annual listener questioner podcast rolls around, you can ask five more questions!  And we'll do it again!  Probably even better since we'll have had some practice! 

We don't mean to oversell this, but give at this level for that long and it's basically like you get to decide who lives and who dies.

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