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Hi I am walkwithMe.

I am a content creator on youtube. I make high quality walkthrough videos of games that you request me to play.

Gaming is an art and with a nice storyline it can buy hearts of anyone who wishes to play.

It is my utter oath to give the best content of gameplay to the user , which he / she can watch with above 60fps. I don't play , neither do I support any gruesome , innocent people killing , demonic , monstrous ,  games which cannot be viewed with parents . I only showcase games which should be called games as of real.

I also want to take a leap of faith and start 4K , VR Gaming and PS4 gaming walkthrough videos which you request me to play. But i don't have any money to buy the setup.

As I am jobless , this is the only way i can survive . So please support me , i promise to take care of every single of my viewers and respond to their needs and desires.

I walkWithMe will provide the best quality of highest resolution games with no deaths and smooth video playbacks. It's my promise. If you like my game videos please support me. Your 1$ means a lot to me.

Thank You Sir/Mam.
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Helpful are those who believe in you and wanna try you out with full faith.

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You believe in me and my content , that is my biggest gift.

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You like to support people , more than anything else. You are the best thing that God can every give to earth. You like to work with people and have a positive outreach to any new creators.

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When I reach 500 patrons , I'll hire editor and graphic designer to help me release 20 videos per month.

I'll also invest into buying a better computer , right now i am using a very old and laggy computer , so its hard to edit videos.

I'll also buy VR gaming kit  , and PS4 or PS5(if it releases) to upload super high quality 4k beautiful gameplays.

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