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is creating Problems!!! (actually Rimworld mods and related youtube content)

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Become a StandingProblem to support WalkingProblem in his bid to bring happiness to the world!

Gets to vote on what mods to be prioritized!

And you will get a "Patron" tag on WalkingProblem Discord!
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Become a WalkingProblem and stand shoulder to shoulder with me!

You will an influential say in what features to add or change within the mods! You have the power to shape the mods more to your liking! (but within my coding abilities of course...)
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Become a RunningProblem and outclass my godliness.

I will make sure you appear in each of my mods developed after your patronage. Either as a character, an item, or an event... 

Or you can suggest. And as usual, must be within my coding abilities (and it should not be "out of place" from the overall theme of the mod)

As there shouldnt be so many people "above me"... so there can only be 25 RunningProblems running around. Plus, it would get crazy if I have to add more than 25 unique "extras" every mod.... 
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About WalkingProblem Studio

Hi, I'm Walking Problem, aka Wyatt Mingji Lim. 

I had been creating various Rimworld mods since Feb/March 2017 (thats also when I started learning C# just to mod Rimworld. Hopefully in the very near future, I will be able to create more content, mods as well as other crazy stuffs to share with you guys!

I also do commentaries on politics, geopolitics and cultural stuff. So hopefully can contribute to come productive and useful conversation on the topic of the day.
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In order for me to know if I'm really still "needed" by the Rimworld community to continue working on mods.

When I reach 25 patrons, I will make sure that I dedicate some time every month to work on the mods / mod updates (otherwise, it will continue to be on a "when I am free basis")

On top of that, the first 25 patrons will be immortalised into special characters/heroes in one of the mods. Once we reach this goal, we will discuss which mods each of you want to be featured in (depending whether is suitable for the mod as well)

This is a one off, only for the 25 patrons that is subscribed while the goal is met. 

I will have something prepared for all past patrons as well, when we reach this first milestone!
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