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What is Walkran?

Walkran is an RSS aggregation site. We collect headlines from all sorts of interesting places, organize them, and cue them up for your viewing pleasure. I built this site so that I (we) could click a few times and see what was happening, the world over, in all sorts of areas. You can stay in the news section, hit "reload" every 5 minutes, and you will be more informed than 99% of the population.

Why is Walkran unique?
We aggregate conventional media, alt media, and user forums. We do so to provide an overview of what various groups (often at each others throats) have to say about an issue. When you visit many conventional aggregation sites, you only receive the mainstream headlines. Here, you get it all! Mainstream, Alt, and forums; we are the ultimate non-discrimanatory news provider. We provide a much broader, more interesting perspective. You are not going to see stuff on Google news that you will see here, that's for damned sure. On Walkran, you can read the news, and then read what the conspiracy theorists are saying about the news, all from the same page! The news is probably a lie, and the conspiracy theorists are probably wrong, but it's damned compelling reading!!

Our technology is old school, meaning we do all the work behind the scenes, pre-render everything and display static pages; css is our most modern user facing technology concession. This provides for a faster, simpler user experience. When you connect to Walkran, that is ALL you connect to (not the fifty advertising and affiliate sites that are typical of some news aggregation sites.) We do not link to facebook, to google, or to any other "big brother" organization. We actively hate on those guys. We're not going for brunch any time soon, and if we did, we'd definitely order champagne and orange juice and stick them with the tab.

We provide access to quality content .. and to kookery of the highest order. We don't care either way. Why? Because it's fun, and interesting. Use your discernment and discretion in evaluating anything on the site, because many of the sources are sketchy as hell. CNN and CBC are good examples of this principle; don't believe a damned word from those shitheels. The paranormal section is more trustworthy.
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