Walter Cherepinsky

Walter Cherepinsky

creating NFL Draft, Fantasy Football and NFL Picks articles

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Message Expressing My Gratitude. I don't know what I could offer for $1 besides a thank-you message from both myself and my puppy, Sherlock. I would highly appreciate it though, as every little bit helps! Thank you so much for reading and supporting the site!
$5 / month T-Shirt. We'll be printing t-shirts soon. In fact, we already have the design mocked up! Once these are printed, I'll send you a t-shirt if you're at the $10 level.
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Even More T-Shirts. Some guys on Facebook had the idea of creating a Matt Millen or a Jerry Jackson t-shirt. I want to print these as well as many others. If you're at the $10 level, you'll receive a t-shirt every time one is created.




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We've started a podcast on the site, which is something I want to expand with more episodes. This will pay for the costs of maintaining and editing the podcast.
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