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Message Expressing My Gratitude. I don't know what I could offer for $1 besides a thank-you message from both myself and my puppy, Sherlock. I would highly appreciate it though, as every little bit helps! Thank you so much for reading and supporting the site!
per month T-Shirt. We'll be printing t-shirts soon. In fact, we already have the design mocked up! Once these are printed, I'll send you a t-shirt if you're at the $10 level.
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Even More T-Shirts. Some guys on Facebook had the idea of creating a Matt Millen or a Jerry Jackson t-shirt. I want to print these as well as many others. If you're at the $10 level, you'll receive a t-shirt every time one is created.




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About Walter Cherepinsky is a free site. We provide tons of content each day, as well as numerous user-interactive features. Advertisements help pay for this, but with ad blockers becoming more prevalent, it's becoming more difficult to operate the site. We want to publish even more content and add even more features, so pledging via Patreon will definitely help accomplish that!
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We've started a podcast on the site, which is something I want to expand with more episodes. This will pay for the costs of maintaining and editing the podcast.
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