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  • PDF of the GM's Dictionary
  • Early drafts of home brew material and rules.
  • Lovecraftian Spells for 5E
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What Is This!?!
The Notes of the Wandering Alchemist is something that has changed over the years but our footing is being found. Over on the website ( you can find a large portion of what we do. Every month are a number of articles written by the Wandering Alchemist:

  • The Libris Monstrum: new takes on classic monsters with stat blocks!
  • The Year of 4E: taking a look at what made 4E interesting and what lessons we can take
  • Workshops: quick idea run through from notes written at random times
  • Butchers Among Us: recaps of a 5E campaign set in the From Worlds' Anchor setting
  • Primers: the history, creatures, peoples, and cosmology of the From World's Anchor
  • GM Dictionary: monthly themed vocab to explore for your games & adventures
  • Reviews: as often as possible, reviews of supplements and games
  • 10 Ideas (Themed): 3 ideas appear in the article while Patrons will see all 10
  • Librum De Bestias Imparum: real creatures made fantastical with stat blocks for Patrons

You can also find us all over the internet
Patron Bonuses
Donating as little as $1 a month gets you access to the bulk of patron rewards:
  • Your name shows up on the blog’s thank you page
  • A welcome package featuring swag sent to you the first time you pledge
  • Access to the Lovecraftian Spells 5E supplement
  • Access to drafts of 5E materials and a Cypher System super hero setting
  • Monthly round-up in PDF format of the GM's Dictionary
  • A discount code for Table Top Loot
  • Discount codes for DMs Guild titles
  • Player options & more for From Worlds' Anchor 5E setting

Donating $3 a month gets you all the above and more:
  • Complimentary PDFs of products produced (like the Plague Doctor)
  • A set of dice from Table Top Loot every 6 months
  • Bigger discount codes for our DMs Guild titles

Donating $5 a month gets just a little bit more:
  • Dice every 3 months!!
  • We will also commit to another creator on Patreon, donating $1 for each month while you are a Patron and as long as we can after

What having patrons gets us
Every dollar pledged to us goes a long way to mitigating the basic costs of sharing everything we do, as well as contributing to future improvements. Some of the things your pledge will help pay for:
  • podcast hosting (we want our old shows to be available even while we are not producing new actual plays or Untamed Rant episodes!)
  • URL ownership and site hosting
  • Adobe subscription for supplement production
  • New games, adventures, and systems to try out and share with you (we love supporting Kickstarters and trying new things
  • Art for our products so you get the best we can make

How it works
All you need to do is sign up as a patron and decide how much you would like to support us with. This support is on a monthly basis and can be canceled whenever you decide you cannot afford to pledge. You WILL NOT pay for each blog or podcast, no matter how many or how few go up. If you pledge $1 and we post 10 articles and 2 podcast episodes that will be $1. If you pledge $1 and we post 30 articles and 6 podcast episodes, that is still $1. The pledges get charged at the beginning of every month and it is up to you whether that pledge goes up, down, or is canceled altogether.

That’s It!
That’s all it takes and anything you do to help us is appreciated beyond words, even if it is just reading our articles or listening to our games. Please support us and our efforts to grow into a bigger part of the community with whatever you believe our efforts are worth!
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This covers monthly costs associated with our projects including the Adobe suite, podcast hosting, and commitments to other Patreon creators. Once we get past this we will be much more comfortable in producing things and making sure we can keep producing them.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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