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Supporters at this tier get access to the serialized chapter publication of Book One of The Weave & The Void, published exclusively one chapter at a time here on Patreon. Chapters are typically published 2x monthly on Thursdays.

You also get access to our Patron-only private channel on Discord. And it's a great way to throw us some general support for the free content we produce on social media! Thanks for the coffee :)
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This tier includes access to the outline of the novel as it evolves, as well as chapter snippets and insights into lore and character development, plus concept art and chapter art updates from Cristina. 

For those who subscribe for at least three months, you get a copy of the final version of the digital book once all chapters have been written and published on Patreon, and the full product is compiled and ready for publication via Amazon. 

All previous tier rewards included.
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The Dungeon Master

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With this tier you get updates from the core tabletop sourcebook and first campaign module - Escape from Parthana - as they are being worked on, plus both the 2k VTT-ready tabletop map files as well as the 8k versions of all world maps, battleground maps, regional maps, and city maps for our tabletop modules. 

For those who subscribe at this level for at least six months, you get digital copies of the final versions of the sourcebook + first campaign module once they are ready for publication.

Rewards from previous tiers included.
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About Wandering Hermits

Welcome to the Patreon page for the Wandering Hermits, dedicated to the production of our multi-part project, The Weave & The Void, a high fantasy setting that combines a point-and-click adventure game hearkening back to the old King’s Quest and Quest for Glory games with a 5e campaign setting and a serialized novel in the style of The Dragonlance Chronicles with chapter art to go along with the story.

I’m Tim “Renfail” Anderson, and I am joined by my wife, Cristina “Crisma” Barrios, and my brother, Joey “Idhradlor” Anderon. While previously this Patreon was my personal space (posts are still available if you go digging), it has been rebranded to house The Weave & The Void as the three of us work on it.

Since March of 2021 we have published a minimum of 3x weekly updates here on Patreon documenting the development of the project, codenamed Project Dramond up until the official naming. There are more than 100 development updates here on Patreon for our Patrons, and more than 100 video updates from my personal YouTube

Every Tuesday we publish something related to the tabletop game. Thursdays are dedicated to the book chapters and concept art from Cris, as well as expense reports and general updates for Patrons. Sundays are reserved for adventure game updates.

Want to hang out with us and our community in real time? Join our Discord. And don’t forget, Patrons have their own special Discord channel, so you should just hurry up and sign up to our Patreon for that secret sauce!

Want to check out the free demo for our point-and-click adventure game? Sign up to our newsletter to get the download link!

Want to read the adventures of the main characters from the book through the serialized chapters and provide general support? Read the first three chapters for free here, and then get the rest by subscribing here.

Want to pre-order a Kindle copy of the book*, plus get behind-the-scenes access to lore snippets, chapter excerpts, chapter art sneak peeks, outline and plot details, and more as the book chapters are written and published in real time via Patreon? Subscribe here.

Want to pre-order our 5e campaign setting sourcebook and first module*, Escape from Parthana, along with 2k VTT-ready maps and the full 8k maps from the campaign, concept art sneak peeks, lore snippets, and other behind-the-scenes details? Subscribe here.

Want to pre-order a copy of An Adventurer's Tale, plus get access to the alpha and beta builds of the point-and-click adventure game? Subscribe here.

Starting November 28th, join us every Sunday evening from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. Central on Twitch. We’re playing through the Lost Mine of Phandelver with Simurgh, The Nathan Napalm, Sparoh, and Bountycode (alongside Cris, Joey, and myself DMing), and we will be kicking off the official The Weave & The Void campaign in early 2022.

For more information on The Weave & The Void you can visit www.weaveandvoid.com as well as follow our social media below:

For all things Wandering Hermits visit www.wanderinghermits.com as well as our social media below:

*Note that there are minimum monthly requirements to qualify for some pre-order products. 

Estimated delivery date of the point-and-click adventure game, tabletop sourcebook, and first campaign module - 2022.
$66.17 of $3,000 per month
We’ll hire an additional artist for the tabletop books & campaign modules. 
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