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New Hire

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Welcome to your new job. 


- EXCLUSIVE COMICS! One comic every week will be exclusive to Patreon for a period of 4 weeks before being released into the wild.

- You have a...


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Congratulations on your new full-time position. 


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Middle Management

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You've been promoted. No one really understands what you do so no one bothers you.


- You get access to my posts and patron-exclusive comics , just like the $1 tier.  

- Y...


Upper Management

$100 /mo
You've compromised yourself so much you wonder if you even have a soul anymore. How is it that with your salary you have less money in the bank than you did when you were 23?

- Acc...


No Gods No Masters

$1,000 /mo
You are the 1%. Money is meaningless to you. You luxuriate in waste. You won't even notice the grand you throw at me every month or the fact that you get nothing for it other than access to my Patr...