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In the beginning...
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Hey wandrer - your stuff is weird...but I like it!  I can't commit too much, but I will do what I can to spark the flame...

Thanks, friend!  Every little bit helps!  This is a strong encouragement to keep writing and posting and such.

I'll share some pieces of artwork that only folks who commit at this level or higher will get to see, and probably some stories too...
The First Dimension
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Hey wandrer - your stuff is weird and I LOVE it!   I am entering THE FIRST DIMENSION of the wandrerverse...

At this level, you will get:
  • Art!  New postings of individual artwork that I have commissioned.  At least one a week or so.
  • Story early access!  I will also post new stories here first, though they may eventually be posted elsewhere, or be sold separately, like the comics.
  • Some Work-In-Progress pics for new comics and stories being worked on.
The Second Dimension
per month
I have integrated...I wish to move to The Second Dimension of the wandrerverse.

Welcome to Flatland!  In the second dimension, you get:
  • Everything from the First Dimension...
  • Comics!  You will get a free copy of each new "2D" comic (and/or illustrated story), when they are posted for sale in the comic store.  A new one one every other month or so.



About Wandrer

Hi there!  Welcome to my world!  Take your shoes off - though...be careful where you step, there are some strange things here inside my head... 

Please click here for links to my stories and comics, as well as more information about my work.

My stories and art are definitely NSFW, 18+ and WEIRD.
As such, per Patreon's guidelines, the above link is only available to patrons.

I am wandrer, and I have written strange stories on the internets for many, many, many years. Most people know me from my long-standing ASSTR story page (which unfortunately is increasingly malfunctioning...).

This Patreon (indeed - all of my sales) exists to fund production of comics and artwork from artists, based on my ideas and writing.

Awesome!  Sign me up!
No you're awesome!  Just click the rewards over to the side and join in!  If you have other questions, please check out  my FAQ post.  If that doesn't answer them, drop me a message.

Thanks for visiting!
63% complete
The Patrons have spoken!  If we hit this goal - however improbable it seems - I will commit to posting at least one new story every month while we stick around near this level.  

(And I hear you all - even though the Patreon was mostly focused on funding the comics, I will try to start actually finishing and posting some stories soon anyway. :) )

When we hit this goal, I should also be able to keep producing new comics and artwork for a while!   Might be time to start a new comic...
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