is creating 3D adult animations of Video Game Characters

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About Wanksy

Hey wussup!

If you've landed on this page, then you probably have seen my work and know what I do.
Put simply, I'm a 3D animator that specializes in NSFW/lewd content of fictional characters.

The best way to view my years of content is to click the tags. Here are some of the most common tags on my page:
#️⃣ MEGA archive

⭐️Why Patreon?
This patreon is for me to able to hire Voice Actors, modelers/porters, and other related tools. This helps me create longer animations.

⭐️What's on this Patreon?
Patrons get to see WIPs and finished projects before the public. Higher tiers will have access to scripts to future projects I am working and can provide input or changes. Every now and then I do a poll (aside from VOTM) for some indecisive choices I have. All of my work are posted to the public afterwards. Nothing is paywalled. 

Once you've become a patron, you'll get access to my personal Discord server with exclusive Patreon roles and channels. I am more active on there, so you'll be able to chat with me and participate in other cool Patron exclusive polls. Sometimes when I'm working on an animation, I do quick and short polls or ask for certain feedbacks. (Its faster and easier to post on Discord)

⭐️Commission discounts
You must be a patron for at least a month to be eligible for the commission discount.

⭐️What is Vixen of the Month?*
Vixen of the Month (VOTM) is a monthly poll where patrons can suggest characters and vote for them each month. The character that wins will get an animation that is typically 20 seconds with sound. (Character suggesting and poll voting depends on the tier)
*All patreon tiers are eligible to suggest characters for Vixen of the Month
**Please note that Patreon's poll count does not reflect the final poll numbers. I have to do it manually because each tier's vote can count for more than 1.

⭐️Charge Up Front is enabled.⭐️

Current Projects:

My sites/blogs
Newgrounds: https://wanksy.newgrounds.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wanksy3D

$473.12 of $500 per month
I can actually look at this as a part-time gig now!
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